I texted Jennifer, only to get no reply. It kept eating at me as I stood there in the shower, naked,
craving her. I knew I couldn’t dwell on it, so I let it go. I imagined all of the lust going down the
drain. I turned the water off, wrapped a towel around me and walked over to the bed. Then, I
shed my towel, stepped into bed, and turned out the lights. Bvvvvvt, Bvvvvvvt. I had received a
text. “It can wait.” I said to myself.

The morning brought a beautiful sunrise peeking through the hotel’s sheer curtains. The
window view could arouse a nun; It’s so breathtaking. I hear a faint knock on my door. In an
Asian accent I hear “Roo service! We here wif your breakfas”. I open the door to a little old man,
who’s smile grows as I stand in the door way. “Thank you”, I said, as I quickly grabbed the tray
and closed the door.
Bvvvvt. Bvvvvt. My phone was going off again..
My phone read something like this;
“10:56pm Mark: I had a blast tonight with you and Jennifer, but I think next time I want my blast
to be in you, instead of her…if you know what I mean.
8:45 am Mark: I want it to be us alone together. That’s what I meant. Let me know. “
What was I supposed to say to that? I thought it was a package deal.. he and Jennifer. My
eyes weren’t on him. My eyes were on her. They were solid, and steady on her.
I took a bite of the breakfast sandwich from the tray, and threw the remainder directly into the
waste bin. Time to go to the gas station for something more edible.

Pulling into the gas station was a nightmare. It was one of those that has too many pumps
and not enough parking space. I hurry inside to grab some fresh donuts and some cappuccino.
The man at the counter probably thought I’d pissed my pants by the look on my face. Two
customers ahead of me in line was Jennifer. I called to her and she kindly let the person
between us ahead of her. “Hey!!” She exclaimed without hesitating. “Listen, I’m sorry I didn’t
text back. What are you doing tonight? “ asked Jennifer. “You.” I said under my breath. She
heard and smiled. “Seriously, What are you doing?” She asked again. “Would you like to
come to my room?”

Jennifer arrived at my hotel room alone that night. She came straight from Victoria’s Secret,
and went directly into the bathroom. I sat there at the bed hanging on every second, just
waiting for her to come out. And man, did she! She opened up the door to reveal a beautiful
white bra, with an attached see through flowing material that flattered her every curve. It wasn’t
complete without the small white thong, that she spun around to show off to me. “You don’t miss
your husband, do you? “ I whisper in her ear as we’re passing. “I have a surprise for you too.” I
mention as I shut the door behind me.

I put on my black bondage outfit, and zip on my thigh high black boots. I put my mask on and
slip into my strap on. It was a life like black cock complete with vibrating beads. Jennifer had no
idea what she was in for.

I swung the door open as if I kicked it. And planted my eyes on her. She smiled and grabbed
my face saying, “I will not miss him. Not one bit.” I wanted to split her in two. I pushed her up
against the dresser and sat her on it. I spread her legs like I was opening a book and dove in
face first. Her head rolled. I could smell her perfume as I tasted her. My tongue searching for
something deep in her. I quickly transition from tongue to the tip of the cock, as I continue to
stimulate her clit with my freshly painted fingertips. I suddenly thrust it deep in her and slowly
slid it out, repetitively. I slowly got faster and faster. In between the thrusts I say “Every
moment of every day this dick is hard and ready to go. Do you like it or love it?” “I fucking love
it!!” She replies as she lets out a scream and squirted; it dripped down the front of the dresser. I
scooped some up with my finger and let her suck it off. Mmmmmm.
That night was the start of a week of hard core climaxes.. but then Jennifer didn’t show up.
Time flew. I focused on work and did my best to keep my mind off of her. Then, Bvvvt, Bvvvvt.
4:35pm Jenn♡: I can’t stop thinking about our nights together. Can I come over?”

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