Me & My New Girlfriend

Hey i am Diana and my boyfriend’s name is Justin. This happened two days ago. I was sitting with my bf in the living room. We both are in a live in relationship since 2 yrs and are settled together now.But two days back i was shocked to find out that my bf hasn’t been serious about our relationship. We were sitting in the all and he remembered something, got up and went away to do his work. As i picked his phone to check his msgs i saw a text from another girl, ” Hey babe I’m so wet right now .. I can’t wait for you to slide into me tonight!!”. Her name was Sunny.So i decided to have some fun behid my bf’s back and cheat on him the way he did to me.I called Sunny over to our pace and luckily my bf was asleep on the sofa. Since the back rest of the sofa was towards the main door, it was a good thing that Suuny did not notice he was there as i opened the door for her. Her hair was cut short like a pixie haircut and curled at the ends. They were even colored a bit.She wore a sexy tight top in white color which was really short. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. It was a low cut top and her stomach was bare. She wore a mini skirt and boots.”Where’s Justin?”, she asked.”Oh he’s gone to the supermarket and said he’ll be back in a while so i let u in”, i replied.”let’s go to my bedroom and have fun while he comes back. We’ll play around”‘ i say giving her a sexy look. I put my arm around her waist and escort her to my room. She smiles cheerfully and happily follows.Halfway to the room i picked up her skirt on the left side. Her left butt-cheek was looking so sexy, gorgeous, yummy,….As we entered the room i closed the door behind her and moved close to her ” you look so sexy and fuckable”, while i carresed her breasts.”Am i really so sexy?”, she asked making an innocent smile on her face.I throw her on the bed and start kissing her hard on her lips while pressing her boobs fully in my hands. Over time i remove her top to reveal the perfect round and cute breasts of hers. As i remove her top her boobs bounce a bit and it gets me turned on so much. Her skin is so smooth to touch too.I tie her hands up to the back of the bed.”What are you doing?”, she whines.”Nothing sweety. You wanna have fun with me right?””Yeah but idk if Justin might be mad or not”, She says cautiousy.I start sucking on her left nipple and licking it also in between. All this makes her moan and her breathing longer. Pleasure moves across her face.I move down to her pussy. “Your pantie is sooo wet Sunny”.She laughs and as i move her panties aside to kiss her on her pussy she starts to moan even more. She is so turned and not able to help herself that she moans more and more.I undress myself, take off her panties and skirt. Gagging her with my bra, i sit on her pussy and start grinding it slowly but hard all the while kissing her on her neck and shoulders.”I know what else i can put in your mouth”, i tell her sounding sexy. I ungag her, move on top of her face and come down on her mouth carefully positioning my pussy on her mouth to suck it.As she starts to lick and suck at my pussy, my body tenses and my mind goes into overdrive as waves of pleasure pass over me. I start to moan everytime she sucks on my pussy making it tighter and tighter.”Oh this feels so good”, i shout unable to keep the excitment.All the while i keep rubbing on her left nipple at the back as much as possible.With each suck and lick i reach closer to an orgasm and moan louder and louder. Sunny’s moaning just add’s to the pleasure and gets me turned on mre and more.”Fuuuuck, yesss, yesss, yesss……”, i moan out loud as i reach an orgasm squirting out all my juices over her face while she still licks and eats at my pussy.I get up and go into an intense lip lock with her taking in the taste of my own juices. She laughs with delight.”Suck on them and love them” i say as i put my boobs on her lips. She gets up laughing wildly and throws me down on the bed and spreads my legs revealing my pussy still with a bit of juices coming out very slightly. She starts to lick my pussy while looking me lustfully inthe eyes. She starts sucking my pussy harder than before and i moan out loud “Ohhh yeahhh, do it harder baby.”She puts two fingers in my butt hole and starts pumping her fingers there making the feeling of ecstasy doube and making me double over with excitment.”Oh FUCKKK, FUCKKk, FUCKKKK, FUCCKKKK……” i struggle to catch my breath from all the pleasure Sunny is giving me down in my pussy and butt-hole at the same time.”I’m cummmmiiiiiinnnn…..” As i reach an orgasm even harder and better than before, my body twitches upward violently. I hold the back of her head and push her face harder unable to handle the mind shattering orgasm that i am having. I last for about 3 mins, my body twitching around by the best orgasm that i have ever had.”Oh god that was so amazing Sunny”, my voice wavers from all the excitment, mind reeling from the pleasurable orgasm i have ever had in my entire life.All of a sudden Justin’s voice comes from behind the close door “Hey babe how’s the new book that i gave you today morning i gave you to read”. My heart races by the fact that he might have heard all the commotion.I get up and run to the door ” Yeah Justin it’s amazing. I really love it. Lemme finish reading. Once done i’ll join you and spend time together”.This time i run back and jump on her pinning her to the bed and start to kiss her and suck at her breasts mad with lust and unable to control myself. I start feeling her ass all the while playing with her breasts in my mouth. I keep swtching from kissing her on her mouth intimately for some minutes to sucking her breasts simultaneously grinding my oussy on hers unable to resist the sexual attraction and love towards her.I pull her on all her four and start to suck on her butt-whole hard making her moan and rubbing her ass and legs and squeezing them occasionally. As i increase the force of my sucking she starts to moan louder and louder as i grind at her pussy with my toungue and lick it up.I start fingering her ass and spanking her on her left butt cheek while she fingers her pussy. After a hard spanking i start sucking her butt-hole while still fingering there.”Ohhhhh; Ohhhh, yesssss, yessss, YESSSSSS…..”, she moans coming closer to an orgasm.”Oh MY GOD YESSS I”M CUMMINGGGG…..”, she moans and shouts and twitches as she reaches a wild orgasm better than mine. Her eyes roll up her head and mouth wide open with the amount of pleasure coming over her. As she reaches an orgasm more wild than mine, her body spasms wildly as she squirts huge loads of cum out of her pussy. The cum sails and falls on the carpet making it dirty.As we both lie down from an amazing fun of eating each other out so lustfully, her orgasm subsides slowly and we both start to laugh.”This was so much fun”, She says looking at me lovingly and rubbing my pussy with her hand slowly. “Why don’t you come over for a sleepover tonight?”, i ask her and smile sexily oogling her breasts.She agrees to it and we both have a sleepover switching houses. Sometimes at her house and sometimes at mine for the rest of our lives.

by: Isshmeet


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