Mother Step Daughter Love

My husband was an Insurance executive for a
major life and property national insurance company.
So, he bought us a wonderfully large craftsman style
home in Laguna Beach, a small coastal community in
southern Orange County, California.

I can honestly say I had been a trophy wife for
him. My auburn hair cascaded down my back in soft
waves, and big blue eyes. I had even won some beauty
pageants in southern California. I had been selected
as the Strawberry Queen. I had even worked at
Disney Land at travel world for a couple of years.

Because of the long commute time between
offices in Santa Anna and Los Angles my husband
kept an apartment at a classy hotel in down town civic
center of LA. While my daughter and I lived the
suburban dream.

While Molly was growing up I suspected that my
husband was cheating on me but couldn’t bring myself
to acknowledge it. Eventually a few of them accused
him of sexual harassment and one sued him for child
support. The insurance company covered for him, in
fact that even gave him a promotion. I eventually had
enough and contacted a good divorce attorney.

He was forced liquidate some assets to pay off
the loan on the house and turn the deed over to me
and Molly, along with an income suitable to maintain
our life style. I even got the thirty-foot boat and
slip at Dana Point, not that I cared about sailing. It
just hurt him and took way any excuse to be in the
area. I later sold it along with the slip where it was

Molly was growing into a beautiful young woman.
She was a red head, with green eyes, and translucent
creamy white skin with a light dusting of feckless
across her nose and on her shoulders and chest. She
was five-foot four, with an athletic figure, and long
legs. I found myself staring at her body while she
was longing around the pool in the back yard.

I enjoyed walking down to the beach with her and
playing beach volleyball with the girls. I hadn’t
actually become aware of how much she had grown up
until I saw her breasts bouncing in her bikini two-
piece bathing suit as she jumped or ran and dove for
the ball.

She teased me, “Martha, aren’t you getting a
little to old to be playing beach volleyball with young

I retaliated, “I wild quit the day you can beat

When the game ended we walked to a local
Mexican restaurant where they were used to people
coming straight from the beach to eat. Even I was a
little nervous seeing just how small the bra cups of
her top were. The bikini was a couple of years old.
When we had bought the bathing suit it had covered
her little A-sized breasts, now her breasts were an
impressive 33-C+ and the little tingles barley covered
her areolas. The disturbingly swell of her breasts
was all too visible. I found myself becoming sexually
stimulated by her body.

I was instantly reminded about when I was a
young blossoming preteen and the times my girlfriend
and I entertained ourselves exploring each other’s
bodies until we had orgasm. I instantly felt guilty
about my thoughts.

After that day I couldn’t keep my eyes off of
her. I had been sucking my girlfriend’s pussy for a
couple of years by the time I was Molly’s age. I
wondered if Molly was sexually aware yet. It was
driving me crazy.

Even Molly began to notice the way I was looking
at her and it made her nervous.

I became aware that she spent a lot of time in
her bedroom and bathroom. I suspected that she
was masturbating and actually wanted to catch her at
it. One evening I told Molly that I was going shopping
at the mall in Mission Viejo.

Normally when I went shopping I would be gone
for three or four hours, but I planned on returning in
a half hour on the pretense of forgetting my credit
cards. Our bedrooms and bathrooms were on the
second floor in back, overlooking the pool. I knew she
wouldn’t hear my car pulling onto the apron in front of
the garage. I was wearing cross trainers, so they
were very quiet on the marble entrance. I made my
way up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom

I paused outside her door to listen for any sound
coming from her room. It wasn’t long before I could
make out the muffled sounds of moaning coming
trough the door. I tested the handle on the door.

I had come prepared with a paperclip in case she
had locked the door from the inside. If she had I
could insert the tip of the paperclip into the hole to
release the lock.

Luckily, she hadn’t locked the door. I slowly
turned the handle and slowly opened the door. I
assumed she would be using her fingers to
masturbate herself. What greeted me was the sight
of my daughter lying naked on top of her bed with
her rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

I was mesmerized by the sight of my lovely
daughter rubbing her fingers through the nest of red
pubic hair and pulling on her left nipple with her
other hand. She was moaning with her eyes closed.

After she experienced a strong orgasm she
opened her eyes and panicked when she saw me
standing there at the foot of her bed, and she tried
to cover her naked body with her hands. At that
moment I knew I had total power over her.

“What do you think you are doing young lady?”

Molly sputtered, “I, I, was just trying to get some

“How long have you been masturbating?”

“I don’t know…I have been doing it for years.”

“Have you been doing it with anyone else?”

She was braking down and starting to cry, “Cousin
Amy taught me how to do it, and we did it to each
other every time we are together.

I crossed the room and sat on the bed facing her
with my legs crossed. “Honey, everyone masturbates,
some just do it more than others.”

“Honey I help you relieve yourself. It is always
more satisfying when someone else does it for you!”

Molly paused before she said, “Okay.”

I took reached over her as she continued to lay
on her back and started rubbing her nipples before
rubbing my fingers t against her vagina until she had
another orgasm. While I finger fucked her she was
moaning. I knew she was close to cumming, so I bent
over and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it
until she cried out, “I’m cumming, Mommy!”

When she recovered she was over powered with
sexual desire and guilt at the same time for having
her mother masturbate her to orgasm. She asked,
“Mommy, isn’t it wrong for us to have sex with each

I said, “Society says it is wrong to have incestual
sex with family members, but I have been thinking of
you sexually for months now. Watching your tits
bounce on the beach made my pussy wet. No one ever
needs to know we are having sex with each other!”

Molly sat up and hugged and kissed me on the
mouth. I felt my nipples and pussy tingle even before
she touched them.

I helped her remove all of my clothes before she
sucked my tits and masturbated me. I slept in her
bed with her that night.

Nudity became a way of life for us and it wasn’t
long before we were performing oral sex on each
other constantly. When I thought it was time to
consummate our love I made arrangements for us to
spend a weekend in a plush hotel in Palm Springs.

I dove us to the hotel and checked into the bridal
suite. The bellboy wished us a happy honeymoon and
told us that if we needed anything feel free to ask
for him. I asked him if he could bring me several
marital aides for me to use to take Molly’s madden
head. He smiled and assured me he would be right
back with a variety of such devices.

We had not realized how much warmer Palm
Springs was from the cost, so we quickly changed into
lightweight clothes. We had just finished changing
when there was a knock at our door.

When I opened the door, it was the bellboy with a
cart in tow. He had a silver bucket with a bottle of
Champlain two long stimmed glasses and a bowel of
strawberries. There were also boxes of a variety of
sex toys. First and foremost was a strap-on dildo,
additionally there were hand held vibrating dildos,
butt plugs and strings of different sized beads.

He assured me that the Champlain was curtesy of
the house and the marital aides would be added to
out bill. I have hi a generous tip as he backed out of
the room.

We turned up the air-conditioning until we were
comfortable. I couldn’t wait any longer and took
Molly in my arms and hugged and kissed her as we fell
across the Queen-sized bed. We shed our clothes
before we started making love to each other. We
sucked each other’s tits. We sucked each other’s
pussy to orgasm before we took a break to enjoy the
Champlain and strawberries.

I opened all of the boxes and I wanted to take
her madden head personally, so I selected the strap-
on dildo, and stepped into the harness and synched it
up tightly. I used the bottle of KY to lubricate it and
selected a cordless dildo to warm up her clit before
sticking the satrap-on into her cunt.

Molly winced in pain as the dildo penetrated her
hymen and whined little. While I fucked her, I
continued to press the cordless dildo against her clit.
I was as excited as she was when she had a strong

Molly also wanted to fuck me, so she did the same
things to me that I had done to her. We talked
about our love for each other and promised our
undying love for each other.

We drank some more Champlain before we used
the other toys on each other. Molly didn’t know what
the beads were sed for or what the butt plugs were.
I took it upon myself to demonstrate their us.

I started off by taking a large glass butt plug and
sticking it up my ass. Them I greased up a smaller
plug and slowly inserted it up Molly’s ass. Next, I
selected string of plastic bead about the size of
marbles and stuffed them one by one into her vagina.
When the last bead was in her cunt, I put my finger
into the ring dangling from her pussy and slowly
pulled the beads out, pausing as each bead popped out
to let her vagina to close in around the string.

Molly made pleasant little sounds as each bead
popped out. I kept using larger beads until she felt
the joy of the largest breads.

We made love until almost midnight. I finally
took a break by stepping out onto the balcony over
looking the swimming pool and golf course. The palm
trees were silhouetted against the night sky. I was
surprised by the warm dry air that late at night.

I don’t normally smoke but standing there
smoking a cigarette was very satisfying.

Molly called for me to come back to bed, so I
snuffed out the cigarette and closed the sliding door
as I returned to the coolness of the air-conditioned
room. That weekend was a memorable one.

When we returned home Molly virtually moved
into the master bedroom with me. Even though there
was plenty of space in the walk-in closet, dresser and
amore for her close our clothes began to be

Our love for each other became very strong.
Laguna Beach is a liberal artist community and gay
sex is common we were not sure incest would be
accepted, so we didn’t come out to our friends. We
developed friends within the gay community that
didn’t know we were mother and daughter.

We were flattered when friends commented on
how much we looked alike. Over time we assumed the
role of a married couple. We entertained our friends
like a married couple. Only our closest friends knew
we were actually Mother and Daughter.

When we decided we wanted children we got a
friendly gynecologist to get us access to satisfactory
male sperm that we could put in a strap-on dildo with
a bulb I could squeeze while fucking Molly that would
squirt the sperm into her vagina.

We were ecstatic when her pregnancy was
confirmed. Our friends were over joyed as well.

Watching her belly well over the months was like
reliving when I was pregnant with Molly. Our
gynecologist assured us that sex was safe to do
during all of her pregnancy. Towards the end of her
pregnancy the only way to comfortable fuck her was
to mount her doggy style.

We were overjoyed when our redheaded bundle
of joy was delivered. We changed her old bedroom
into a nursery for Mandy. We took my madden name
and legally changed our names to O’Brian.

We didn’t flaunt our sexuality in front of Mandy,
but we didn’t hide our relationship from her. She was
familiar with our friends and witnessed us kissing out
friends and playfully feeling them up.

Fortunately, as Mandy was growing up when she
would slip out of bed to join us in bed for comfort we
could hear her breathing as she slipped into our room,
so we would stop feeling each other up.

Mandy would crawl over us and slip under the
covers between us. She would cuddle up against our
breasts and drift off to sleep.

Molly developed a desire to be the aggressor in a
sexual relationship and selected some young girls to
fuck. When we would go to parties, leaving Mandy in
the care of a babysitter, Molly and I would enjoy
dancing with other women and girls. We would often
even take females to bed together and fuck them
right next to each other. Molly and I did enjoy
fucking brown skinned girls with back haired pussies.

As Mandy grew up she began to become aware of
the difference in our family from her school friends.
We had to explain that I was both her grandmother
and father at the same time. Like all pre-pubescent
children she was curious about the physical
difference been boys and girls and the mechanics of
sex and the production of babies.

We told her how she came into existence and
didn’t hide anything from her. As a normal girl she
tried sex with both boys and girls before she decided
she preferred sex with females. Molly’s and my bed
became crowed with the addition of Mandy.

by: Jan


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