The Best Days Off Ever

I woke up slowly with the sun streaming in through by balcony window. It was a sunny autumn day and best of all it was a day off, in fact I had a couple of days off in the middle of the week. I laid there and contemplated what to do for the day. I was feeling horny, I must have been dreaming as my nipples were hard and my pussy felt moist.

A girlfriend had told me about a clothing boutique down the coast that sold clothes, shoes and accessories and they were having a end of season clear-out sale. She said it was my kind of store and I should find something their that I liked.

I made my mind up I would drive down the coast and see how the day went and maybe stay overnight. The summer heat was over and the day was gorgeous and now that it was early autumn and mid week there would be few people around, just the way I liked it.
I packed a bag with clothes a pair jeans and a top, a lacy bra and thong. I also put in a couple of vibrators, a dildo and lube. I then ran my self a hot steamy bath and put in some aromatic salts. Next I shaved my legs, under arms and around my pussy. I really didn’t need to do much around my pussy as it was hairless apart from a small tuft of pubic hair above my crack that was shaped into a heart.

I ran the shower and washed myself off and washed my hair, I ran my hands over my legs, arms and under my arms there was not a hair anywhere. I stepped out of the shower and into the bath. It was very hot and it made my skin tingle as I laid down and soaked.
I started to day dream and remember the summer just gone. The lazy days I spent at the beach, I was lucky that there was a nude beach just down the coast, in a secluded sheltered cove on a small peninsular. I loved being nude and getting an all over tan, I had not really had any romantic encounters over summer but I didn’t mind that much maybe something would happen today.

I thought about what I should wear today and decided that I would dress sexy for the trip. I got out of the bath and dried myself off then blow dried my hair. Even though I was tanned all over my skin was smooth and supple. I pampered my self and applied a little make up and some very, very red lipstick.

The trip would take a few hours and I was ever so horny, I decided to go without bra and panties as my boobs were a good size and firm and I hated wearing panties anyway as I loved to have access to my pussy while driving. Next I pulled out a very cute little butt plug, it was made of metal and had a red stone on the end. I oiled it up and slipped it in, it was a bit tight pushing in the bulbous head but once in it was secure and felt good. I turned and looked in the mirror and could see the red crystal reflect in the light.

The dress I had chosen was one of my favourites, it was a red tube dress that was knitted, it was very small but it stretched once you got it on and clung tight in all the right places. I stepped into the tube dress and pulled it up having to wiggle my body to get into it. It was strapless and I just had to pull it over my boobs and it stayed in place. I straightened it up and looked in my full-length mirror. It was tight it clung to my waist and hips and was barely long enough to cover my butt and pussy, I pull it down a little further just to make sure. I then turned with my back to the mirror and bent forward a little from the waist, when I turned my head I could just make out the red crystal glinting.

I put on the sandals I had chosen with 4” heels, and walked back in front of the full length mirror, I was 168cm tall but with these heels I was almost 180cm tall. I was a lithe size 8 and with my tanned skin, shoulder length black hair long legs and very short sexy dress. I couldn’t help but think to myself,Kelly look how hot you are? You even look a little slutty and dressed more for a nightclub than a drive down the coast.

I grabbed a silk scarf and tied it around my neck, my large lens sunglasses, a shoulder bag and my overnight bag. I couldn’t wait to get going. I lived in a large apartment building close to my work place, which I usually walked to on my workdays. I got on the elevator and hit the button for the basement. In the basement I had my pride and joy an old 90’s era Porsche 911 red convertible that was left to me by my late father, who also had owned the apartment I lived it.

The elevator doors opened and there just opposite the door was my Porsche, even though I hadn’t used it in a little while, it was shinning and clean as I had a service that came in every 2 weeks or so and maintained the car and kept the batteries charged and ready to go.

The top was already off so I opened the door and pushed the drivers seat all the way back, with these heels on my legs would be basically flat and level and my arms were at full stretch just to reach the steering wheel. I slid into the seat and felt the cool leather against the back of my legs. I grabbed both sides of my dress and pulled it down a little making sure it was covering my hairless pussy. I tied by hair back in a ponytail and inserted the key. The car started first time with a throaty roar from the exhaust, I pumped the accelerator a couple of times, I loved the rubble and sound from this car. I inserted my phone in the cradle retrieved the message from my friend Mandy, tapped on the address of the boutique. Google maps started up and calculated the route down the coast, it would take 95 minutes, so I put the car it into gear and moved up the ramp to road level.

Turning left out of the garage, I noticed that the traffic was light, as it was just on 10 o’clock and the morning peak was over. The day was magnificent the sun was shining, there was virtually no wind and I could feel warmth on my face and legs. The freeway was 10 minutes away and I thought I would get a coffee from the drive thru down the road. It was two blocks further on and I turned into the drive thru, I pulled up and a girl came over to take my order. She said looking towards me “What can I get for you”, I looked up at her, moving my sunglasses down my nose so I could see over the top and get a good look at her face “A large Latte would be great”, she tapped the order into her phone “Any sugar?” “no” I replied. I then noticed that she was eyeing of my body and legs with a lingering look. She said “Anything else I can get for you”, my reply was “Just the coffee for the moment” although I was thinking I would really like to get to know her, she was really pretty. I gave her a $10 note and she reluctantly moved away back to the café.

I really was a bit of a tease and exhibitionist, I loved wearing sexy clothes as I liked people looking at and admiring my body, I really loved being slutty and shocking people with some of my actions. Just then the girl started to walk over with the coffee and my change. She handed me the coffee which I put into a cup holder and turned back to see her looking down at my bare legs again. “Here is you change” she said, I replied “Keep it”, just then I lifted up my left leg and my dress slipped back exposing my bare pussy. She just kept staring at my pussy as she put her hand across her mouth in shock, I said to her “ I have to go, I will come back another time if your interested? ”, she was just nodding her head as I pulled out of the drive thru and back on the road towards the freeway Five minutes later I was on the six lane freeway and on my way down to the coast.

The traffic was not that busy and although I was not in a hurry I was pushing the car along at a little over the speed limit. I stayed mainly in the second lane and occasionally overtook in the outside lane. With the top down in the car the wind was still a little noisy, it didn’t really blow my hair up that much as I had it back in a ponytail and the side windows up. As I relaxed a little with the warmth from the sun, I was getting a little hot and sticky and moved my backside around a little on the seat until I got comfortable. I realised I had exposed my pussy lips, so with my left hand I slipped it into my exposed crack softly rubbing and fingering myself I was getting wet my juices wew starting to run. I had closed my eyes for a second while I was pleasuring myself and then remembered I was driving. Damn this would have to wait, I stopped fingering myself and drew my fingers to my face. The smell of my own sex was wonderful and I eagerly licked them clean.

Time was flying by I had turned off the freeway onto a main road that headed towards the coastal town I wanted. I crested over the top of a hill and got my first glimpse of the ocean, the sky was blue without a cloud, the ocean was sparkling a deep blue green and I could see the town at the end of the peninsular.

I checked my phone and looked at the map and it seemed like to boutique I was heading towards was a few kilometres before the town itself. I was only a couple of minutes away, that made me happy as I wanted to get out of the car and stretch my legs.
The GPS instruction told me to turn off on a sideroad, there was several signs for some wineries with restaurants. Within a couple of kilometres the GPS chirped in that I had arrived and my destination was ahead on the left. I turned into a service road there was a group of 5 shops, the boutique I was looking for was in the middle, one of the shops was Pizza shop that was closed, I was not exactly sure what the other shops were but they seemed closed also. I pulled up in front the boutique, there was only one other car around and it was a bit further down road parked on the opposite side.

I turned off the car and got out, I stretched myself as I was bit stiff from the drive. I pulled my hair out and got a brush from my shoulder bag to make myself more presentable, I took of my sunglasses and put them in my bag. I straightened my dress and made sure it was covering my butt. I walked towards the boutique that had a “end of Season Sale” and a “Open” sign on the door. I opened the door into a rather large shop, there was racks of dresses down both sides of the store with a display of bags on a shelf above and shoes and shoe boxes below the clothes. The centre of the shop had tables that had jewelry, scarves, scented candles and other accessories’ Towards the back of the shop there was a counter with a computer screen on it, as I entered the sales assistant looked up from the computer and said “Good morning and welcome”. I responded “Thank you, may I have a look around” to which she replied “Of course”.

I started looking at some of the clothes, they were gorgeous. Light summer day dresses, silky tops, skirts, pants it all looked great just my style. The sales assistant came out from behind the counter, she was very young maybe early 20’s with mousy short hair, she had beautiful honey coloured skin and was a similar height to myself but very petite. She was wearing a free-flowing cotton dress and sandals.

She walked towards me and said “Please take your time, we rarely get customers during the week. We have a large dressing room through that opening at the back next to the sales counter” I was holding up a very pretty cotton dress “ I can take anything your interested in and put it in the dressing area. There are very large mirrors out their and you are welcome to try on any of the clothes and shoes that you wish”
By this time she was close to me and I noticed that she had beautiful green eyes and is very pretty. She looked me up and down and said “We have plenty of clothes here that will suit you and we have plenty in size 8 or are you a size 6?” I nearly blushed “I wish was still a 6, I used to be but that was a long time ago, I have let myself go”. The comment she made intrigued me, she said “You have a great body, I would love to have a body as good as you, you look fantastic” all the while she was looking me up and down and I swear she licked her lips.

I looked around I found almost a dozen dresses and a number of tops that I loved, the sales assistant took them off me and out to the dressing room. She suggested I look at some of the lingerie on the centre table, there was some really sexy stuff. I was holding up a black silky lowcut bra with white lacy trim and there was also a matching thong. From behind me she said “ I love that bra and panties it is one of my favourites, in fact I have them on today” She then lifted up her dress to show me and twirled around and showed me her thong and tight butt cheeks. “What do you think?” I stammered a reply
“ They look lovely, how do they feel on”, she replied “Their beautiful you hardly know your wearing them, I will take a set out back for you to try on as well.” Why don’t you look for some shoes”?

I am normally the one making people uncomfortable but this young girl had me flustered, she was hot but I was not sure if she was coming onto me or was I just wishing that she was. I had to find out before I left, I couldn’t forgive myself if I missed out on an opportunity.

She moved back behind the sales counter. In the meantime I had hatched a plan to see if she was a willing participant or not. I moved to the same side of the shop she was on, I started looking at the shoes that were under the dresses. There was a lovely pair of high healed Red pumps to match my dress. With my back to her I turned my head and said to her “Do you have these shoes in a 39” and I bent from the waist down and picked up the shoe. My red dress had ridden up by backside and exposed my buttock with the red crystal in full view and my fat pussy lips were sticking out between my legs. I stayed in that position for a lot longer than I had to and made sure she got an eyeful. When I straightened up and turned around she was still staring at me. Her mouth was open she hadn’t moved, she was looking straight into my eyes, I stared back and then pouted my lips and blew her a kiss.

I walked straight back to the dressing room, it was very large, there was 4 dressing cubicles on the left side with drawn curtains that were open. On the back wall was floor to ceiling mirrors across the entire wall. On the right side was a chase lounge that was upholstered in a silky stripped material, it looked like something out of the roaring twenties. I went and put my shoulder bag beside the chase.

The clothes that I had selected were in the second cubicle. I entered and drew the curtain across although I am not sure why. I pulled down the top of the dress and wriggled the dress over my hips. I looked in the mirror at myself, thinking I hope this girl will take the hint. The first dress I tried on was an Align three quarter length dress in a salmon pink that I put over my head. It had a plunging neckline and was tight around the bodice showing some clevage, if flaired out from just above my waist.

I opened the curtain and moved out into the centre of the room to look it. It really was a nice dress and if twirled as I moved. The sales assistant can into the room rather sheepishly “ I have those red pumps in a 39 here they are”. She had a cheeky smile across her face as she handed me the shoes, I looked into her face and was sure she was teasing me. I didn’t take the shoes I just bent down a little and kissed her on the mouth. She kissed back and wrapped her arms around my neck. She tasted sweet and smelt fantastic, I held the embrace as our tongues explored each others mouths.
When we finally broke our embrace I stepped back, she was looking at my boobs that were straining the material of the dress with my erect nipples pushing out. I lifted the dress up over my head and off. I was standing there in front of this girl only in my high heels and a scarf. She looked at me and then looked in the mirror at my fully tanned body, she didn’t say a word just smiled, I could see her looking at my hairless pussy, my boobs that were standing up straight and the reflection in the mirror of my tight butt cheeks.

“ I would like to see the lingerie you are wearing as you said they were beuatiful on”
I said and she then proceeded to lift here dress over her head and dropped it to the floor. Now it was my turn to stare she was beautiful, a very thin body with smooth honey skin that glowed. The black silk bra and panties looked fantastic on her but I could only think that all I wanted to do was take them off her. I took her by the hand and led her over to the chase lounge she laid back with one leg up bent up on the lounge and one leg forward. I got down to my knees and got between her legs. I was running my fingers up and down her legs, arms and torso. Her skin was silky smooth to touch and my fingers were tingling like they were receiving small electric shocks.
I pulled the thong aside to reveal the most beautiful pussy lips I had ever seen, they were small soft and pink and were glistening with precum. She had a small bush on pubic hair but it was cut short. I could smell her sexual aroma and it was intoxicating. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and stuck my tongue in her crack and tasted her nectar, I was in heaven.

I wanted more so I reached up and grabbed both sides of her thong, she lifted he bottom of the couch while I slipped off the thong. I put it up to my nose and inhaled them it was like an aphrodisiac not that I needed any stimulation. I parted her pussy lips and exposed her clit, my tongue slowly entered her moist pussy and I moved it in and out of the crack. I pushed my tongue over her clit and slowly moved in around then I flicked her clit with the end of my tongue and a I felt her shudder, my tongue started working faster in and out, around an around. I was swallowing her precum and wanted more and more.She stiffened up and I heard her making moaning sounds, her hips were moving pushing her pussy into my face, my tongue was getting deeper into her hole, with one of my fingers I moved back the fold of skin across her clit, I exposed the hard member and with a frenzied attack my tongue flicked back and forwards as fast as I could and with an almighty screen and her body bucking she had a massive orgasm. The juices flowed almost squirting out all over my face and chest. It was running down her legs and it tasted wonderful. I lapped it all it up and licked her all over like a puppy.

I looked up and saw that she had her eyes closed but was now opening them up, she looked down at me and had an almighty smile, her face was radiant. Then I saw a glint in her eye, with a finger she gestured me to come to her. I moved up and kissed her in a passionate embrace. She kissed my neck and a nipped at my neck, she found my ears and nipped at them also and whispered “Now its my turn”.

I stood up to allow her off the lounge, she stood beside me and unclipped her bra which dropped to the floor. Her breast were small but cute, her nipples were very small but the nipples were rock hard. She bent down and took one of my breasts in her mouth. Her tongue circled my large areola and flicked across my stiff nipple. My breasts were one of my most sensitive areas and loved being stimulated, she moved from breast to breast, meanwhile with one of her hands she had found my pussy and was fingering me slowly. This was hot my body was tingling and I could feel an orgasm not far away. With a free hand I found one of her breasts and massaged it softly. With my other hand I went to my pussy and took her hand and directed it to my most sensitive areas. My juices were starting to flow and running all over her hand and down my legs. She lifted her head and gestured me to lie down. I noticed my shoulder bag beside the chase, I opened it up and took out a lovely pink vibrator that I kept in my bag just for such occasions. I laid down on the chase lounge and she laid on top of me, we kissed passionately, she moved down and attacked my boobs again. Moving down by body she was softly kissing me all over.
My head was spinning I wanted to come, I wanted her to suck my pussy, I pushed her head down towards it. She rolled her tongue over my outer lips , sucking at the lips and then proceeded to force her tongue into the crack. With one hand she parted the lips and got her tongue around my hooded clit. With here other hand she started pushing a couple of fingers in and out of my virgina. Her tongue and fingers were working their magic my climax was building. I realised I still had the vibrator, I handed it to her, she took it and turned it on. She slipped it into me there was no resistance my pussy was gushing juice and it was running down into my arse crack with my butt plug still in place. She was pushing the vibrator in my pussy with one hand and was twirling the butt plug in my anus with the other. Her tongue and mouth was sucking my pussy lips. Meanwhile I was pinching my own nipples, my head was going to explode I could feel the orgasm building it was rushing to the surface like a high speed train and then it happened. I exploded in a climax, my hips were bucking my juices were squirting all over her face. It seemed to last for minutes I actually think it did.The vibrator was still in my pussy, the plug was still in my butt, I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life and the girl responsible was sitting on her knees beside the chase lounge with a huge smile on her face with my juices literally dripping from her mouth. All I could do was smile.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw another woman walk into the change room area. She was no more than 40 and had short blonde hair and was dressed in a sundress with small straps and wearing flat sandals. The girl I was with noticed me staring and turned her head towards the woman and smiled. The older woman said to her “Sandy what do you think you are doing? What if another customer walked in ?” The girl responded “Mom don’t worry we don’t usually get customers in the middle of the week”.

The older woman simply pulled the straps off her shoulders and wriggled out of the dress which dropped to the floor. She was naked underneath and had a full tan from nude sunbathing. Her breasts were large and full with dark areola, her pussy was hairless except for a small triangular tuft of hair. Her body was in great shape just an older version of her daughter Sandy that I had just made love to. She said “ Who do we have here? I am not to late to join in am I?” I laid back on the chase lounge as both women approached I said “My name is Kelly, I would love you to join in with us, your daughter and I are just getting started”.
I will have to save that story for another time, this was turning out to be the “Best days off I ever had!”

by: Robby


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