The Headmistress

First day starting as a school crossing attendant. I had decided I would get myself a little job that didn’t take up a lot of time but would get me out and about and meet people as I had now retired. I needed to be at the school for 8.15am in the morning in order to be ready before the children started arriving at the school. Also had a note that after I had finished my first shift on the crossing I need to see the headmistress, Miss J Jones, for an introduction.

I arrived promptly just before 8.15am and found the lollipop stick that I needed and my green reflective coat and got myself ready. It was a nice warm day so made it a pleasant first day as I knew that when winter started to draw in it would be cold, wet and windy on occasions. After a few minutes a first of the children started approaching the crossings with their mothers. I said “Good morning” to them and got a similar reply from them as we waited for the lights to change and I helped facilitate their crossing. I thought afterwards I think I’m going to enjoy admiring the young female mothers bringing and taking their children to school each day. As the shift continued many more children and their parents came and the time past surprisingly quickly before school time arrived. Everybody seemed pleasant to me so I thought I would enjoy my little job.

Once I had finished I returned my coat and stick back in its place before finding my way the the headmistresses office. I was met by the secretary who greeted me with a nice smile and a welcoming “Hello”. I told her I was the new crossing patrol man and she told me to take a seat and the headmistress would be with me shortly. The secretary was a slender, blonde middle aged lady of about mid thirties age. She was dressed in skirt blouse and heels showing off her legs nicely. She knocked on the door of headmistress before entering. She quickly returned and asked me to go in to see the headmistress.

I walked across her office and entered the headmistresses office who was seated behind her desk. Miss Jones was a black lady of similar age to her secretary. She stood up and came round her desk to greet me. She was of similar height to her secretary but had larger breasts, nice long shoulder length black hair. She was wearing a red tailored dress just above knee length and again she was wearing heels.

“Good morning Mr Smith. How are you? Please take a seat” She said.

“Thank you” I said. “I’m fine” taking a seat in front of her desk.

Miss Jones said “I just like to meet all new staff when they arrive to let them know who I am and that I am here should you have problems”.

“Hopefully they should not be any problems, I’m just helping children and parents cross the road too and from the school” I said.

“Hopefully that is the case Mr Smith. I like to run a strict school. Your predecessor left because he was being rude to children, parents and motorists. I won’t accept a similar situation. So I hope you understand” She said.

“I understand perfectly Miss Jones and you should understand that I am doing this job to help people and to get out and about a little each day. So would be nice if you just let me get on with my job and you do yours and I am sure we will get on fine. I don’t need any pressure from anybody and should that happen then I will resign. Hopefully I am being very clear” I said.

“Yes you are, but I do not appreciate being spoken to in that tone. You should appreciate who I am” She said.

“You leave me to do my job and there will be no problems. As I said I don’t need a job I am just doing it to be helpful and to meet people. If there is nothing else then I will let you get back to your very important work. It’s very nice to meet you” I said as I stood to leave.

I did not wait for her to say anything as I was not happy with her tone and was not what I expected. I left her office an smiled at the secretary as I past through her office. I think she was surprised how quick the meeting was and she quickly said “Goodbye”.

I left the school and went home as I wasn’t required until mid afternoon when school would be finishing.

I returned later in the afternoon to do my patrol crossing, which went by uneventful, other than the odd parent or child saying “hello” to me. I stayed at the crossing a little later than I was required to just in case there were one or two stragglers left behind. Just as I was about to finish I noticed the secretary walking out of school towards the crossing. She came to the crossing so I pressed the button for the lights to change. She said “Hello, again”

“Good afternoon, too yourself as well” I said.

“I guess you had a few cross words with the headmistress” She said.

“Why do you say that” I asked.

“She was in a foul mood afterwards and I got the brunt of it” She said.

“I’m sorry about that, but I didn’t appreciate her tone with me” I said. At that moment the lights changed so I let her cross and wished her a good evening. I then put my things away and went on my way home.

Over the next few days everything went much the same and the secretary was always pleasant smiling and saying hello to me.

One Friday evening as I was finishing my crossing duties the secretary was leaving school as normal. I noticed that she appeared upset. I asked her “Is everything ok”.

She said “yes”.

“You appear upset, are you sure? I asked. “You are welcome to chat if you wish”

“I’m fine” she said.

“Look I am finishing now and I can see you are upset. Let me give you a lift home and if you want to chat I can listen” I said.

“Ok, I accept a lift, thank you” She said.

I put my things away as I usually do and then we walked to the car. Once in the car I said “O don’t know your name, I’m Trevor”.

“I am Jackie” she said.

“So as somebody or something upset you” I asked.

“Yes, but lets not talk about it” Jackie said.

“Ok, so what are you going to do this weekend? Any plans” I asked.

“Nothing and I don’t feel like doing anything” Jackie said.

“So where are we going to take you home” I asked.

Jackie gave me directions to her house and the rest of the journey was in quiet till we arrived at her house. Once we arrived she thanked me for the lift and apologised for her mood.

“Don’t worry about it. If you need anything or talk, here is my number” I said. I wrote my number on a piece of paper, which she took as she got out of the car. Jackie walked straight to her house without looking backwards and went straight into her house. I then drove home for a relaxing evening.

Couple of hours later while watching TV I received a text from a number I didn’t recognise but when I opened it it was from Jackie and she was just thanking me for being kind and giving her a lift home when she was feeling down. I replied telling her I was only doing what any person would have done in that situation and that should she feel the need to chat I was happy to listen.

Jackie replied a little later saying she appreciated that and if she still wanted to she would text me the following day, which was Saturday. I just left things like that and just carried on relaxing watching TV.

On Saturday I set about doing my chores of shopping and cleaning just like I would normally do, which took up most of the morning. Shortly before lunchtime I received a text from Jackie saying that if the invite to listen was still available she would like to talk. I responded saying whenever she wanted then I could visit her. Jackie then said she was home all day so I could go round any time that was convenient. Give me a couple of hours and I will come.

So mid afternoon I arrived at her home. She promptly open the door and welcomed me in. Jackie was dressed in a very smart dress and heels and I noticed bare legs. I followed her through to the lounge.

“Would you like a drink” Jackie asked.

“Tea would be nice, thank you” I said.

With that Jackie went to the kitchen, as she turned I enjoyed the view of her ass. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking this way with a lady that had asked me to come because she was stressed and wanted to explain what was bothering her.

Jackie returned shortly with two cups of tea and some biscuits, passing me my cup before she sat on the settee at the opposite end to myself.

“I feel so silly being upset yesterday and you having to give me a lift home, so just felt I needed to apologise to yourself” Jackie said.

“There is no need to apologise I’m just pleased you are happier now and everything is ok with you” I said.

“Yes I was just being silly over the headmistresses comments she made to me. I do take things to heart too much” She said. I don’t have anybody to confide in as I am alone and my parents past away some time ago.”

“I am sorry to hear that. Well you know now if you ever need anybody to talk to and confide in then I will be very happy to lend my ear and give advise if you wish” I said.

“Thank you so much for that, it really means a lot to me, as I do not have anybody I can confide in as I do not have any family and I am not originally from around here. I can get very emotional at time and do need somebody to calm me down and keep me in check” Jackie said.

“I will be very happy keeping you in check and happy or you confiding anything you wish in me” I said smiling.

“I’m sure you will. I know Miss Jones did not like you standing up to her, she is not used to somebody talking back at her” Jackie said.

“I am assuming she told you what happened?” I asked.

“Yes she did and she was in an angry mood for the rest of the day and that then makes my day more difficult” She said.

“Then you should stand up to her but be polite in how you do it, so that she as no grounds to discipline you” I said.

“I would enjoy disciplining her, but I think I might lose my job” Jackie said laughing.

“Really, and where is that statement coming from? Is just discipline, sexual, fantasy” I asked.

“Jesus, I don’t know I just said it now, not sure where that as come from” Jackie said.

“OK, Have you ever dominated anybody or being dominated in any situation” I asked.

“ Only Miss Jones in the office sometimes when she tells me what to do” Jackie said.

“How does that make you feel, when she is telling you to do work things? Does it excite you? Do you hate it and want revenge?” I asked.

“I’ve never thought about it before or even thought about her” Jackie said.

“Think I will let you think on that” I said smiling.

“You are getting me thinking but I’m not sure what I’m thinking about or what I’m wanting” Jackie said.

“Why did you ask me to come today? Was it a conscious reason or subconscious? How are you feeling with me at the moment? I said.

“I’m OK, I think” Jackie said.

“So back to the original question. How does that make you feel, when she is telling you to do work things? Does it excite you? Are you excited right now? I asked.

“I think it does excite me a bit, just by the way she is forceful in her requests for things doing” Jackie said.

“Come and stand in front of me, now” I said.

Jackie stood up and walked the couple of steps until she was in front of me.

“Good girl. Seems you are submissive. Do you want to see how far you will go and how it makes you feel? I asked.

Jackie paused before saying “I’m not sure what you mean”.

“Well little girl I’m going to help you explore how you feel when somebody is in charge of you and is making you do things. You are perfectly safe and you can stop at any point you wish. If you wish things to stop you say Red. Then whatever is happening stops completely. The word Stop will be ignored, you must say Red. Do you understand?” I said.

“What is going to happen?” Jackie asked.

“What is going to happen? Well little girl I am going to dominate you, make you do as I tell you and it will be sexual. Do you understand?” I said.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“Yes you understand? Yes you want it to happen?” I asked.

“Yes I understand” Jackie said.

“And?” I said.

“Yes I want it to happen I think” Jackie said.

I had not expected this situation arising, I was just visiting her to see that she was OK and discovering why she was upset, but now it appeared I was likely to take this in a different direction and I was not complaining.

I looked Jackie in the eye and told her “Remove your dress”.

Jackie looked at me and said “Pardon, what do you think I am”.

“I said remove your dress, or use your safe word now” I said.

Jackie looked at me

“DO It” I said in a firm voice.

Jackie stood still before slowly raising her arms up and behind her back. She then unclipped the zip and lowered it all the way down her back to where the zip finished. Then she slid the dress of her shoulders and down her arms. The dress then lowered over her breasts reveal a black slightly transparent lacy bra, which I could she her erect nipples through the material. The dress then slid down over her thighs and down to the floor. Jackie stepped out of the dress and started to bend down to pick up the dress, when I said “Stop, leave it there”.

I was now able to see that she had a thong matching her bra and that it was also transparent, so I could see that she shaved her pussy which was looking a little damp.

“This is your last chance to stop this going further. It will get sexual. Do you understand?” I said.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“ Get on your hands and knees” I said. With that Jackie lowered herself down onto her knees before placing her hands in front of herself and looking back up at me.

“Now crawl across to the other side of the room and keep facing the wall” I said. With that Jackie turned around on her hands and knees and started crawling across the room towards the wall. As she did so I was able to enjoy the view of her very cute small ass. I could feel my cock stirring in my trousers. I do enjoy control and it had been a little while since I had been able to enjoy myself like this. Once Jackie had reached the wall on the far side of the room I instructed her to turn around, still on her hands and knees. She did as instructed. I was enjoying the control I had over Jackie and could see she was accepting what was happening. Jackie looked up at me once she had turned around. I then told her “Remove your bra”.

Again after a slight hesitation but not questioning Jackie removed her bra, her breasts looking firm and nipples erect as she remained in the crawl position and her head looking down to try and protect me seeing her tits and also I guess stopping eye contact. I smiled as I could she she was struggling with the situation, but still remained compliant.

“Now crawl back to my feet” I instructed.

Jackie then started crawling back towards me, stopping just in front on my feet. She did not look up but stayed still on her hands and knees.

“Lick my shoes” I said.

Again Jackie did as instructed without question. I was very surprised at how quickly she had submitted. I then instructed her to stand up which she did covering her breasts with her arms to try and hide them and her embarrassment. I told her to lower her arms by her side. Again Jackie complied but kept her head bowed to stop eye contact. I could now enjoy the full view of her nicely toned body and firm breasts. Her nipples very erect. I then stood up and it was obvious I had an erection. Jackie kept her head down staring towards the floor. I moved to the side of Jackie and could see she was breathing deeply her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. I had also noticed a large damp patch in her thong. I knew she was turned on and that she was going to be very compliant to me. I decided that I would frustrate her further. I then pulled her hair back gently causing her head to pull back and make her look forward. At the same time I whispered in her ear “Good girl, now put your dress on and leave the bra off”.

Jackie moved to where her dress was and put it back on. I could see a relief in her body, but I had decided I wanted to take my time with her and not push too hard. To help her relax a little I told her to go and make us both another coffee which she duly did.

Jackie returned a few minutes later with a coffee for us both looking more relaxed. I told her to sit on the settee which she did. “How are you feeling” I asked.

“I’m ok” Jackie said.

“Just Ok? I asked.

“Yes, just ok” Jackie said.

“Remove your thong” I told Jackie.

“What?” Jackie said.

“You heard, do it” I said.

“I thought we had finished” Jackie said.

“Did I say we had finished?” I asked

“No” Jackie said.

“Then do as I say” I told her.

Jackie then stood up and slid her thong down from under her dress. Before sitting down again.

“Are they wet” I asked.

Looking embarrassed Jackie said “Yes”.

“What does that tell you” I asked.

“I don’t know” Jackie said.

“I would suggest what as as happened as turned you on” I said.

“Maybe” Jackie said.

“Do you mean maybe or yes?” I asked.

“I mean yes, I think” Jackie said.

“How are you feeling now sat here with no underwear on under that dress with me” I asked.

“Nervous, exposed, excited I guess” Jackie said.

“What do you think is going to happen next” I asked.

“I don’t know” Jackie said.

“Good. What is going to happen next is whatever I want and when I want it to happen” I said.

“Ok” Jackie said.

“Do you think you could do this to Miss Jones and make her feel like you are feeling at the moment” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but I want to see her struggle and enjoy doing that to her” Jackie said.

“What do you want to do to her?” I asked.

“Give her pain and show that I have fight in me” She said.

“Do you want to fuck her” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, never thought of that nor have I been with a female” Jackie said.

“Do you want me to fuck you” I asked.

“I thought you was going to” Jackie said.

“I know what you thought I was going to do. That isn’t what I asked” I said.

“I guess I do, I agreed earlier what could happen” Jackie said.

“Good, well I think I will leave you in the state you are in and give you time to reflect on this afternoon. So I will leave you for now. I have enjoyed today and hope you have as well” I said.

“Oh, Is that it” Jackie said.

“Yes, for now” I said. With that I stood up gave Jackie a kiss on the cheek and made my exit.

I drove home with a smile on my face and just decided to wait and see what would happen next if anything. I wasn’t bothered either way as I had enjoyed the afternoon with Jackie. I was guessing that I would have planted seeds in Jackies mind and she would be thinking about what had happened and also what she wanted to do.

Later that evening I received a text from Jackie which read “Thank you for this afternoon, but don’t think I want anything that said”.

I replied “That is fine, you relax and take care”.

I decided not to push anything, if Jackie wanted help she would contact me again. I didn’t hear anything else from her during the rest of the weekend.

Monday morning when I was doing the crossing Jackie approached and she just looked at me but didn’t say anything, maybe because there were a couple of mothers with their children at the time. A few minutes later one of the mothers that had crossed when Jackie came returned to the crossing. We past a couple of pleasantries while waiting for the lights to change when she said “I think the secretary was not happy with you”.

“Why do you say that” I asked.

“She was muttering to herself after crossing, but before she seemed relaxed” the mother said.

“Well I didn’t do or say anything, so can’t see it was me” I responded.

“She definitely changed after crossing, so something not right” the mother said.

“Maybe the thought of working with the headmistress” I said jokingly.

“That would make anybody annoyed, she deserves a medal working for her” the mother said.

“I’ve only had one chat with the headmistress and I told her what I thought of her” I said.

“Good for you she gets rid of you patrols regularly for no good reason. She needs putting in her place but nobody stands up to her” the mother said.

“I’m guessing you have had problems with her” I asked.

“Too many” She said.

“I’m happy to hear them if you want to tell me”I said.

“Take too long” She said.

“Well any time you wish I’m sure we could make time to chat over a cuppa if you feel the need” I said.

We left the conversation there as she crossed and was on her way home. Shortly after that I took my things to the locker before heading home till I was required again later in the afternoon. I thought why the mother suddenly decided to speak to me unless she sensed something between Jackie and myself.

Maybe she might be flirting with an older man, who knows. I would just remain pleasant with her and see what may happen.

I returned to the school as normal for my duty on crossing patrol. Everything was fine. The mother I had been speaking to earlier that morning came to the crossing “I see you are still here then that is good”.

“Well I don’t think anybody as a reason to complain about what I do. Hopefully you are happy with me” I said.

“Oh, I’m very happy with you, just hope that that bitch doesn’t try getting rid of you” she said.

“You sound very bitter about her. I’d enjoy discovering what the problem is for you if you would like to chat” I said.

“Ok, obviously I can’t chat now but maybe tomorrow morning we could when you finish” She said.

“Yes, that will be fine with me” I said.

“Ok, so when you finish in the morning I will wait for you and we can have a coffee and a chat” she said. She then proceeded on her way into school to collect her son.

As school finished the parents came out with their children as normal. The mother came back with her son. “Look forward to chatting tomorrow” she said smiling.

“So do I” I said.

She then continued on her way home. Towards the end of my duty Jackie approached the crossing, again looking a little sad. “Are you Ok?” I asked.

“I’m fine, just a normal day with her being a bitch” Jackie said.

“You need to decide if it’s worth the stress or look for another job” I suggested.

“Why should I?” She said crossing the road.

“I am still happy to help and listen, whenever you wish. You have my number. Think about the weekend, and also what you want” I said.

Jackie did not respond as she walked off, but I knew I had just pushed another button in her head. I also suddenly thought about the mother I was going to chat with and was wondering what may happen there as well. I was smiling thinking about this.

Later that evening Jackie text me saying “She was stressed with work and her boss was still being a bitch to her”.

I asked “what she was going to do about it”.

“I guess look for another job as I am not strong enough to deal with her” Jackie said.

I decided to phone Jackie as would be easier chatting that way. I asked her “Do you really want to leave your job?”

“No, but what can I do?” Jackie said.

“Well, stick with it for the time being. Do you want to see Ms Jones brought down a peg or two?” I asked.

“Yes, of course I do, but I can’t do that, can I” Jackie said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“You know why not, she dominates me” Jackie said.

“If I was to help you, would you stick with the job?” I asked.

“How can you do that?” Jackie asked.

“Don’t worry about that, but just remember what I did with you at the weekend and I have not finished yet” I said.

Jackie went silent.

“Remember I said I would do?” I asked.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“And what is that?” I asked

“Dominate me” Jackie said.

“And what will that involve?” I asked.

“Don’t know” Jackie said quietly.

“I think you do know little girl” I said, know I was getting her feeling submissive to me again.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“So, what does it involve?” I asked again.

“Sex” Jackie said.

“Good girl. It will do when I choose it to” I said.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“So, tomorrow at work you will wear stockings and no thong or panties on” I said.

“I can’t do that” Jackie said.

“You can and you will. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes” Jackie said.

“Good girl. Now you relax and I will see you tomorrow. Good night”. I said.

I then hung up before Jackie could respond. I was feeling pretty happy with the situation and was sensing that my little part time job could bring me nice encounters that I was no longer expecting as I was getting older.

The following morning I was back doing my crossing patrol as normal and like the previous day both Jackie and the young mother approached the crossing almost together. As they were crossing I said “Morning ladies, how are we both today?”

Jackie said “Fine, thank you” with a slight smile.

“That’s good,” I said.

The mother said “Morning” and smiled at me.

They both walked into the school separately. I smiled to myself. A few minutes later the mother returned. She asked “Are you still wanting that chat”.

“Yes of course, just give me a couple of minutes to put these things away, then we can go somewhere for a drink” I said.

She was waiting at the crossing when I returned. “Where would you like to go for a chat” I asked.

“You are welcome to come to mine if you wish as it is just around the corner” She said.

“I don’t even know your name yet. I’m Trevor” I said.

“Sorry, I’m Julie. Pleased to meet you” She said laughing.

We then walked to Julies house, which was only a five minute walk. We just chatted about the weather and nothing much else. Once at Julies she invited me in and led me into her living room, while she went and made a cuppa. On her return she gave me my cup of tea. Before sitting opposite me in her chair. She was dressed in jeans and a vest top showing off her nice slender figure and her blond hair which went down past her shoulders. Julie I guessed was early twenties.

“So you have had problems with the headmistress then?” I asked.

“Yes, but lets just know a little about each other first and then we can get deeper with that” Julie said.

“What do you want to know? I’m the crossing patrol, I live alone” I said.

“I know that” she said smiling. “But you seem to have an interest in the headmistress and her secretary don’t you?”.

“What makes you say that?” I ask. “Plus what are you going to tell me about yourself”.

“Ok, I’m a single mum to my boy, no boyfriend. I look after my parents, who are elderly and not well” Julie said.

“Sorry to hear about your parents. I don’t know much about the headmistress other than snippets of information from yourself and her secretary” I said.

“So I am right. Could be dangerous territory” Julie said.

“What could be dangerous?” I asked.

“She is a bitch that Ms Jones” she said. “I feel sorry for her secretary, she gives her a hard time. I’ve seen it”.

“So I understand. I had a welcome chat with her and had to be firm with her, which I think took her aback a little” I said.

“Really. I think you may be the only person I know that as. Most patrols have left after about two weeks, so you might be doing good” Julie said laughing. “And the secretary?”

“What about the secretary?” I asked.

“I noticed she was not happy yesterday but more relaxed today. Something going on there?” Julie asked.

“I have spoken with her as she was upset last week and like yourself she is not happy with the headmistress. So I guess you both have something in common” I said.

“Yes, maybe along with the rest of the school.” She said. “But I have noticed the way you look at her at the crossing.”

“Oh, and what is that look?” I ask.

“You know what look” Julie said.

“We came to chat about your problem with the headmistress I think” I said.

“We did” Julie said.

“So tell me” I said with a little authority.

“Well it’s just the way she is, doesn’t accept excuses or reasons for my lad being late for school occasionally” Julie said.

“How often is occasionally” I asked.

“Depends but only when I can’t help it” Julie says.

“And the reason is” I ask.

“Having to help and care for my parents and may have to stay overnight or something unexpected” Julie says.

“And nobody else could help?” I ask.

“No unfortunately, I’m an only child and a single mum” Julie said.

“So can be difficult for you. And what happens when you are late?” I ask.

“That bitch gives my lad detention, but it’s not his fault, so I complain, but she doesn’t listen and so I am left explaining it to my lad” Julie says.

“Sounds a bit out of order if you have explained to the school the situation and that it only happens in an emergency and that you still get your lad to school” I said.

“There’s not much I can do to help on that front, unfortunately” I said.

“I know, but I know you are up to something with the secretary” Julie said.

“Oh, and what might that be?” I ask.

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing you are doing something with the secretary” Julie said.

“Doing something?” I ask.

“Yes” Julie said.

“Like what” I ask.

“I don’t know, but I’ve seen the way you look at each other” Julie said.

“Ok, you are right. Like you the secretary would like to see the headmistress get brought down a peg or two” I said.

“And” Julie said.

“And, I am planning a way of doing that” I said.

“Oh, sounds interesting” Julie says.

“It will be and already is starting to happen as you noticed when Jackie smiled at me this morning” I said,

“What was that about” Julie asked.

“Come and sit next to me and lets see what develops when I text her” I said.

“What are you doing” Julie said.

“I said come here and you may find out” I said.

Julie then walked over to the settee and sat down next to me.

“Now let’s see if Jackie as done as I told her to do” I said.

“What is that” Julie asked.

“Just watch while I text her” I said and then text Jackie asking if she was dressed as I had instructed her.

Julie saw the text and said “You told her to dress? How” Julie asked.

“Wait and see” I said.

“Are you two having sex” Julie asked “I knew it you are” She said.

“I’ve not said that, but what if we are” I said.

“You dirty old man” Julie said laughing.

Just then my phone bleeped from Jackie and she confirmed she was dressed as I said.

I text back telling her to show me. I then looked at Julie and said “I think you like a dirty old man, don’t you?”

“Pardon” Julie said.

“You heard. You fancy me don’t you” I said.

Julie stuttered “What are you? You are way too old for me to consider”

“Really, that’s not what your body is starting to say to me” I said.

Then another bleep on my phone and Jackie had sent a photo of her thighs in stockings. I responded that I wanted to see her pussy.

“Shit” Julie said.

“What” I asked.

“You, what are you doing” Julie said.

“Do you want to help me bring Ms Jones down a peg or two” I asked.

“Yes of course if it helps me and my lad” Julie said.

“Trust me it will do and a lot more if you are willing to trust me and do what I tell you. Am I a dirty old man that you fancy” I asked.

“Shit, yes, no. I don’t know. What you going to do?”

Then another text came and Jackie said she couldn’t do it. I again responded and told her to go to the toilet and raise her skirt and do a photo show her thighs and pussy.

“Jesus, you are bad” Julie said.

“Yes and you are going to find out how bad I can be” I said.

“Pardon” Julie said.

“Like Jackie you are going to submit to me and both of you are going to help me get Ms Jones and all three of us are going to put her in her place in a way she can’t stop” I said.

“Are you mad” Julie asked.

“Do you want to get back at her or not” I asked.

“Yes” Julie said.

“Good. Are you open to it taking on a sexual nature” I asked.

“You want sex” Julie asked.

“More than sex, but yes sex” I said.

Then Jackie text again this time with the photo I’d told her to do. I showed it to Julie.

“Oh god. She is sexy” Julie said.

“Yes she is very sexy and will do as I tell her. I’m slowly dominating her before I fuck her. You want to see her tits and face” I ask Julie.

“God, yes of course I do. I’d enjoy getting to know her very well” Julie said.

“Do as I tell you and you will” I said smiling.

I then text Jackie and told her I wanted topless including face.

“Are you bi” I asked Julie.

“Yes, why” Julie asked.

“Why do you think” I said.

“Shit, what is your plan” Julie asked.

“Simple to help both yourself and Jackie bring Ms Jones down a peg or two” I said.

“How” Julie asked.

“You both will submit to me separately and together. I’m sensing you may be bi and Jackie is straight, but I know I can change that” I said smiling.

“God, what are you like” Julie says.

“You are about to find out. Take your top off if you want to help, if not I will leave now” I said smiling.

Julie stood up then raised her top off over head and stood before me in a bra and jeans. She said “This is not how I expected this to go”.

“Really, how did you expect it to go” I asked.

“Not sure, I think I was considering seducing you somehow as I knew something is happening with you and Jackie” Julie said.

“I know you was, but now you will do as I say. Strip naked. Are you bi” I asked.

Julie looked at me and then unfastened her jeans and started sliding them down her legs “You want me to seduce Jackie don’t you” She asked.

“You are quick on the uptake” I said as I watch Julie remove her bra followed by her panties.

“Now, come stand if front of me, legs slightly apart” I told her.

Just then another text from Jackie showing herself topless and very erect nipples. I smiled as I looked at the picture. I replied telling her to get back to her office and then text me telling me how she was feeling. Julie was now standing in front of me with legs apart a little. I took in the the beauty of her body nice firm breast and erect nipples, smooth pussy which was looking a little wet.

“You want to see this pic” I asked Julie.

“Please” Julie said.

I stood up and showed Julie the pic of Jackie topless. As I did I touched her pussy lips and felt her wetness and asked “Do you fancy her”.

“God, yes” Julie said.

I slid a finger between her lips and into her pussy and gently finger fuck her. I kept the phone so she could still see Jackie’s pic and Julie moaned a little. “You want to play with her” I asked Julie as I slid a second finger into her.

“Yes” She said.

“You will do as I say today and submit then I will make it happen along with Ms Jones as well” I said. As I said that Julie groaned even louder and her juices where flowing over my fingers. I removed my fingers and then moved them up to to her mouth and she willingly took both fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. I instructed her to knee in front of me as I sat back of the settee. Then I sent another text to Jackie asking her if she had considered any further if she wanted to have sex with a female. I said the Julie “Just asked her if she wants sex with a female”. Julie smiled and said “I hope so”.

“She won’t have a choice if she wants this to happen” I said smiling. “I’m now going to take some photos of you and I may send them to Jackie to spike her interest while she is at work”.

“You are so bad, you have planned all this haven’t you” Julie said.

“No I haven’t I just go with what is happening. Remember I didn’t really know how this was going to go with you today” I said.

“Well I can’t believe what is happening either but I am happy with it. Not been this turned on in a long time.” Julie said.

I then told Julie to kneel on the floor as I took a couple of photos on my phone of her face, then a couple of face and her breasts with her nice erect nipples. I instructed her to then stand up and move across the room so that I could get some full length photos. Julie complied with my instructions and I could see she was turned on and enjoying the posing for me for these relatively innocent naked photos. I decided I would see what I could get Julie to do while taking photos of her so told her to start touching her breasts and nipples as she looked at me. Julie then started stroking around her breasts and nipples as I took more photos, I knew this was turning me on just as it was Julie. I told Julie to enjoy touching herself. She then started stroking her body all over her stomach, shoulder, hair and down to her smooth pussy. As she played she lowered herself to her kneels spreading her thighs wide, she then gripped her breast and squeezed at the same time sliding a finger between her puffed pussy lips. Looking straight at me Julie said “You want me, don’t you”.

“Yes and I will take you as you want this as well” I said as I continued taking some more photos as she fingered herself harder. I was very turned on by the sight of Julie playing with herself so willingly in front of me. I stopped taking photos and stood up and started undressing myself still watching Julie was now on her back and legs spread wide knees in the air and fingering herself hard and moaning in pleasure. I walked over to where she was, dropped to me knees between her thighs before pulling her hand from her pussy. I then pushed my hard throbbing cock straight into her soaking pussy to the hilt. I then started fucking her hard as I looked down at her. “You horny little slut, this is why you invited me here”. Julie just moaned as I lifted her legs over my shoulders so that I could go deeper into her. I just kept pounding her pussy as she moaned louder building up to her orgasm. She started shaking as she cam over my cock which in turn caused me to cum deep inside her making scream louder. I continued fucking Julie until her orgasm subsided, before then pulling out of her. I then got up and went back to the settee and took a couple more photos of Julie as she laid on the floor recovering from her orgasm. I then started getting dressed when Julie said “Is that it?”

“For now, yes” I said.

“You are a bastard” Julie said.

“Yes I am and you love it and you will get much more, later” I said.

I then looked at the latest text from Jackie. She said she was turned on and was still unsure about another woman but accepted it would happen. I smiled at the text and replied to Jackie telling her that she would be with another woman and that I had somebody with me that fancied her.

I then told Julie “Crawl between my legs and lick my cock slut”.

Julie crawled over to me and undid my trousers removing them before then slowly starting to stroke my cock as it grew again in her small hand. Julie said “What have you text her”

“I told I was with somebody that fancied her” I said.

“Shit, she will guess I’ve seen the photos” Julie said.

“Exactly” I said as Julie continued stroking my cock at full erection. Julie then started to lick the tip of my cock. Then another text came from Jackie asking who it was and had she seen the photos. I replied that they had seen the photos and the person was the mother that crossed with you this morning.

Julie looked up at me saying “You are enjoying this”.

“Enjoying what teasing her or you sucking me” I asked.

“Both” Julie said as she scratched her nails along my cock.

“Shit, you bitch” I said.

“Oh you like that, don’t you” Julie said as she then took my cock in her mouth and her teeth grazed along my cock as her head bobbed up and down and she started scratching my balls.

“Oh god, yes you bitch” I said.

Julie then started sucking and stroking gently before again running her teeth along my cock. She knew it was turning me on making my cock throb harder in her mouth.

Then another text from Jackie came saying she saw me naked? I replied confirming that and sending a face pic of Julie also asking if she fancied Julie and wanted to see more of her. I sent it before letting Julie see what I had sent. Julie then stood up off the floor before lowering herself onto my throbbing slightly tender cock sitting across my thighs facing me. She then started to ride my cock straight away building up speed. I gripped her ass digging my nails in her cheeks as I helped her rise and fall on my cock. I then scratched her ass and could see the pain was turning her on as she shouted “Harder”. I was getting close to cumming inside her for the second time as I turned my attention to her tits and started raking them with my nails. Her breasts reddened more as we both came together.

“Shit, that hurt but nice” Julie said.

I smiled at her and said “I do much more than that”.

I then looked at the latest text from Jackie saying she liked her. I then took a photo of Julie topless as she sat on my cock. I text the photo to Jackie saying I had just done that to her tits and what she thought now. I showed the message to Julie after sending it. Julie smiled and said “You bastard”.

I smiled back as I pushed her off me onto the floor on her knees I grabbed her hair and pulled her to my cock and forced her to take my cock deep into her mouth and throat as I began to face fuck her pulling her up and down by her hair. Julie was gagging as she couldn’t control what was happening. Saliva was dripping out of her mouth over my throbbing cock. I then pulled off my cock as she took a deep breath of air I slapped her across her face and then forced her back onto my cock. I held my cock deep in her throat as she gagged and choked on my cock drenching my cock in saliva. I pulled her off again and slapped her face again before repeating forcing her cock into her throat again. I then pulled her off again this time letting go of her hair and leaving her on her knees as she recovered getting her breath back I again took another photo of her. I then told Julie to crawl around her room, which she did without question. Once she crawled back to me I had her still kneeling on the floor, face down ass up I got behind her and slid my cock straight into her ass hole without lube or preparation. Julie let out a loud moan as my cock went to the hilt of her ass. I then gave a few hard thrusts in her before I came hard filling her ass with my spunk, before pulling out and sitting back on the settee. I again took a couple more photos of her in this state of being well used. I asked her “Are you OK”.

“Yes Sir” Julie said, which was the first time she called me Sir.

“Did you enjoy?” I asked.

“Shit, yes I did, wish I’d spoken to you sooner” Julie said smiling.

“Good, best you put some clothes on, or just sit next to me naked, I don’t mind” I said smiling. With that Julie climbed up onto the settee next to me to see what I was doing on my phone. Jackie had text back with a message saying not sure. I replied saying she would find out tonight as I would be there at 7pm.

I then got dressed as Julie watched me. “I need to go now. I will see you at school time in a dress and no underwear on” I said.

“Yes Sir” Julie said.

I then walked to the door and Julie followed me naked. I opened the door wide, so if anybody passing may have seen Julie naked as I kissed her before leaving.

I walked back to the school and retrieved my car and then drove home for a rest before I would have to return in the afternoon. I decided not to shower as I intended Jackie smelling and tasting Julie on me. I had been home a short while before I received a text from Julie who thanked me for this morning and that she was happy for the first time in a long time, even though she felt very vulnerable by what had and what could happen. I replied telling her I was pleased she felt that way and that she was happy in herself.

I then text Jackie to see how she was feeling as well. Jackie text to say she was ok but feeling vulnerable as a parent had obviously seen her undressed and also that she was still minus her panties in the office. She also said she sensed that the head mistress was sensing something was not normal today. I smiled at the text and told her that was good and that when the head mistress came into her office that she should part her legs a little so that maybe she would get a view up her dress.

I then had an idea to start working on the headmistress as well. I text Jackie again and asked her for the headmistresses mobile number. Jackie text back saying please don’t do this. I text Jackie and assured her I was not doing anything other than starting to work on getting the headmistress as she had wanted. I also ask Jackie if she was turned on by being vulnerable in her office with the headmistress sensing. Jackie replied with the headmistresses mobile number and confirming she was turned on. She also said the headmistress would know my mobile number. I text Jackie and said let me worry about that and to do as I told about having her legs apart a little for her boss to get a slight view.

I then text the headmistress using a second phone, so she wouldn’t know who was texting her. I just sent a simple text asking how she was. I didn’t expect an immediate reply and possibly no reply. I checked with Julie to see how she was feeling and replied she was very horny. I was feeling very satisfied with what I had done to these two women today and was looking forward to bringing all this plan together over time. I then got a reply from the headmistress asking “who is this?”. I responded with “Somebody who knows you”. The headmistress replied that “She would report me for harassment”. “How have I harassed you? Headmistress still likes to be in control I see”.

I then text Jackie on the other phone and told her “Make your boss a coffee and see what her mood is like”. A few minutes later Jackie text back saying “She seems annoyed with something”. “Good” I text back to Jackie.

The headmistress responded “You have text me and annoyed me, that is harassment”. I smiled to myself as I knew I was getting under her skin already. I replied “You can ignore the text and not respond, you can block the number, or you can as you have so far respond”. I did not hear anything back from her immediately, so I assumed she was either ignoring me or had blocked my number. Always best to be patient at the beginning.

Jackie text me a while later to say that she done as said and opened her legs a little and had seen her boss look at her but did not say anything. I text Jackie to keep doing it whenever her boss was in her presence.

Later I made my way to school to do my duties again in the afternoon having still not heard anything further from the headmistress but I was not worried about that. The normal came to school as did Julie at her normal time. I watched as she walked closer to the crossing wearing her dress as I had instructed her. She had a smile on her face. As she crossed she smiled at me and said “Good afternoon, Sir”. I smiled at her. At the other side of the road she stopped and waited for me then she said “I’m dressed as instructed”.

“Good girl, naked underneath” I asked.

“Yes and wet” Julie said.

I stroked my hand over Julie’s ass as I whispered in her hear “My cock still as your juices on it ready for Jackie to lick clean later”.

Julie groaned as I said that “Shit, that is horny” Julie said.

“Make sure you have your phone available tonight and you are alone as I am going to do to Jackie what I did to you earlier”

“Are you trying to make me cum? Cos you are succeeding” Julie said.

“Go get your little one and come back here at the same time as Jackie” I said.

With that Julie headed off into the school grounds. Then as normal when school finished the children and parents came out in their normal initial rush until after about 15 minutes when it quietened down to the few remaining stragglers. Then when everybody had gone Julie was walking out of the school grounds with her little one and just behind her was Jackie.

I did not try to press the button for the lights to change. Once Jackie got to the crossing I said “ How are both you ladies?”

Julie said “Happy and turned on”.

Jackie looked at me and then Julie “Shit”.

I smiled at Jackie and said “Yes she saw your pics and yes she wants to join us in what we are doing”

“Oh my god. What are you doing? Jackie asked.

“Tonight, I will have you as I said. Julie knows and you saw the pics of her as well. Like you she is naked under that dress and wet” I said, Julie blushed and said “Stop it, you are embarrassing us both”

“Good. Now you both know what is happening. Both go home. Jackie I will see you at 7pm and Julie you will have your phone and be alone” I said. They both said in unison “Yes Sir” but neither spoke to the other. I then helped them cross the road smiling as I could see the worried looks on their faces.

A few minutes later Jackie text me “You bastard, I’m turned on”.

“Tonight I will have you and then at the weekend I will have you both together” I text.

Julie then text “That was horny, I want her”.

“She is turned on just like you” I text back.

Jackie text “Yes Sir, I want that also”.

“I could bring her tonight if you wish and if she is available” I text.

“You want her to dominate or sub to you?” I text Julie.

“Are you serious” Jackie text.

“Yes she wants you. You want her to dominate you” I text Jackie.

“I think dominate her” Julie text.

“Can you do tonight?” I text her.

“Ok, bring her” Jackie text.

“Good, she wants to dominate you. See you at 7 dressed as I told you” I text Her.

I then phoned Julie and she said she could meet tonight. I said “Good, she wants you and know you want to dominate”

“Shit, I’m going to cum if I don’t have her soon” Julie said.

“She as never been with a female before and I’m not sure how long since she had a man, but it is a long time” I said.

“She will cum in an instant” Julie said laughing.

“Yes she will. I want you dressed in a short skirt and see through blouse” I said.

“I will get things sorted here. What time you picking me up?” Julie asked.

“About six thirty” I said. “ See you later, Bye”

“Bye” Julie said.

As I still had plenty time before going to collect Julie I decided I would check my other phone and see if any messages had come from the headmistress. Shortly after school had finished the headmistress had sent me a message when the phone was off. She text “What do you want? Who are you?” I then replied “You!”.

I made myself a bite to eat and a cuppa and relaxed before the fun later. Normally I would have showered but remember that I wanted Jackie tasting Julies’ dry juices on my cock. Short time later headmistress text to to say “What do you mean?”

I replied “Miss Jones you will learn. You are responding so we know you are interested”. Slowly I sensed her curiosity was getting the better of her.

“How do you know my name? Who are you” She text.

“We will text more tomorrow” I text back.

She text back “Ok”.

I was confident she would continue texting, but now I had other things to deal with.

I got myself ready before going to collect Julie. It was only a short drive. I knocked on the door and Julie opened it to let me in her dressing gown. She led me into her living room where her baby sitter was and then she went to get changed saying she wouldn’t be long. The baby sitter turned out to be her younger sister. A few minutes later Julie returned with her coat on heels and bare legs and looking very sexy. “Wow” Said her sister. “You on a promise tonight sis” she said. With that Julie said “Wouldn’t you like to know” giving her sister a cuddle before leaving with me.

When we got in the car Julie opened her coat and was naked underneath. I leaned across and gave Julie a kiss as my hand slid between her open thighs and had a little feel of her newly shaven pussy. I noticed the curtains were twitching, so her sister was having a peak. I pushed a finger into Julie and told her her sister was watching. Julie moaned as I fingered her. I removed my finger and brought it up to Julies’ mouth so she could lick it clean and her sister might have seen. I then fingered Julie again, this time I raised my finger to my mouth and licked it clean before smiling out of the car window back at Julies’ house I could see the curtains twitching. I then waved so she would know I had seen.

“Ok sexy, let go have some fun” I said.

“Oh god, I’m so turned on for this and wasn’t expecting that, just now” Julie said,

“Good, then later is going to be even better. Text your sister and ask her was she is watching” I said.

“You are bad” Julie said.

“Does she know what you are doing tonight?” I asked.

“Just that we are going out with friends” Julie said.

Julies’ sister text to say she was watching TV. “ Ask if she enjoyed the show” I said.

As we were getting close the Jackie’s house Julies’ sister text and simply said “Yes”.

“I bet she touched herself watching us” I said.

“You like that, don’t you?” Julie said.

“Yes and I like her as well” I said.

“You want to fuck her?” Julie asked.

I smiled at her “And you want to watch and join in” I said.

“You are so bad” Julie said laughing.

“Let’s focus on tonight and Jackie and yourself” I said.

“Yes I want her, I’m turned on for her” Julie said.

“Interesting to see who dominates who out of the both of you” I said smiling.

“I don’t mind, will just go with it. We know you will be controlling us both” Julie said.

“Well we are here now. Want your coat unbuttoned before we go in so she will see your naked underneath and then see how you both respond” I said.

We then got out of the car and walked to Jackies’ door. I rang the bell and shortly the door opened to be greeted by Jackie in her short silk dressing gown as I had previous instructed her to be. I could see immediately both Jackie and Julie were very nervous and apprehensive of the present situation. I said to Jackie “Take Julie’s coat off please”

Jackie stepped closer to Julie and then parted Julie’s coat, she hesitated as the coat opened revealing Julie’s nakedness to Jackie’s gaze. I smiled. Jackie removed the coat and she moved in closer and kissed Julie on the lips, which surprised me that she took the lead. Julie open her mouth to accept Jackie’s tongue and at the same time Julie slipped her hand around Jackie’s head to hold her in for the kiss, so Julie was now trying to gain control of the kiss, knowing this was Jackie’s first time with a female. Julie gripped Jackie’s hair as she pulled away from the kiss and said “You want this?”

“Yes, I want this” Jackie said.

“Knees” Julie said as she pulled Jackie down by her hair. Jackie fell to her knees between Julies legs which had now parted a little. Julie looked at me and smiled. My cock was hard watching what was happening.

“Now taste your first pussy” Julie said as she pulled Jackie’s head in towards her pussy. Jackie’s face was held against Julie’s pussy before Jackie opened her lips and her tongue slipped out to lick Julie. Jackie started licking up and down Julie’s pussy lips and slowly parting them to let her tongue slip in. Julie started to relax her grip on Jackie’s hair as she quickly got turned on. Jackie started using her fingers around Julie’s pussy lips as she continued licking her clit. Julie was now stroking her own tits and had let go of Jackie’s hair. Jackie then slipped two fingers into Julie’s pussy, which caused her to take a sharp in take of breath. Jackie stopped licking Julies clit and looked up at her as she continued fingering her. Julie was breathing much deeper and was no longer in control of the situation. “Do you want to cum?” Jackie asked. “Yes, make me cum” Julie said. Jackie then started to finger Julies pussy faster and harder and it only took a few seconds before Julie was moaning out loud as she came. Once Julies orgasm subsided Jackie removed her fingers from her, licked them clean and stood up kissed Julie gently and said “Pleased to meet you slut”.

“Likewise” Julie said.

Julie looked at me and said ”Looks like somebody enjoyed the show”.

“Yes I did. Now remove that gown and let Julie see your body” I said.

With that Jackie unfastened the belt and then slid the dressing gown off her shoulders and let it slide down her back onto the floor and was looking straight at Julie. “Tonight you will submit to both of us” Jackie said to Julie. Jackie led the way into her living room with Julie and myself following. I was pleased with Jackie’s comments about Julie submitting to both of us but was intrigued to see what Jackie may do knowing how submissive she was with me. Once in the living room Julie went to kiss Jackie and feel her but before she could I told to to leave her and to kneel on the floor. “She is mine” I said to Julie. “I promised you tonight I would have you and I will right now” I said to Jackie. I had Julie fall to her knees on the floor and made her move back to the wall. “Watch and enjoy” I said to Julie.

“Now you” I said to Jackie “On your knees and crawl round the room and back to me”.

With that Jackie got down on her hands and knees and started to crawl around the room as I had done to her on the previous visit. As Jackie crawled around the room I seated myself on the settee. Julie was kneeling on the floor in the corner of the room as instructed and looking at me. I had quickly managed to get both these women in a submissive frame of mind to me immediately. Jackie then crawled back to me at the settee. I then told Jackie to undress me. Jackie started to undo my shoes and as she did I said “Lick them”. With that Jackie raised my right foot up to her face and started to lick the sole of my shoe and then the upper part of the shoe, before removing the shoe and sock. Jackie then repeated the same process with my left foot. “Now lick my feet slut” I said. With that Jackie then lifted my foot and started sucking my big toe, lashing her tongue all around my toe. Jackie raised her eyes to look up at me as she continued sucking. My cock was now solid from the attention Jackie was giving to my toes. She then ceased sucking my toe and placed my foot back on the floor. Jackie ran her hands up my legs and over my thighs up to my groin. Jackie stroked my throbbing cock with both her hands through my trousers before unfastening them and sliding the zip down. Jackie then removed my trousers and boxers together as my cock sprung free and stood erect. Jackie then took my cock in her hand and gently started to stroke it. I looked across at Julie who was still kneeling on the floor watching. I smiled at her then said to Jackie “Lick it, take it all in”.

With that Jackie lowered her head and started to take my cock into her mouth. I then pushed her head down so she had to take me in fully to my balls. “Taste it, taste Julie on my cock” I said. This seemed to turn Jackie on and she sucked and licked me harder. I then held her head and was pulling and pushing it up and down on my cock, causing her to gag as she took me into her throat. Then I stopped. “Two sluts together, very nice” I said to them.

“Crawl here slut” I said to Julie, who then crawled across to us.

“Lay between her legs” I instructed Julie. She then laid down on her back.

“Sit on her face” I instructed Jackie. Then tease my cock slut”. With that Jackie lowered her pussy on to Julies face and waiting tongue before taking my cock in her hands.

“God, I want this in me please” Jackie said.

“You will, when i’m ready I said.

Jackie then started to lick the tip of my cock as she slowly ground her pussy on Julies face. Jackie started taking my cock deeper into her mouth and gently stroking my smooth balls. Jackie started to moan with both the pleasure Julie was giving her and also with the teasing she was giving me. I decided I wanted to fill her, so lifted her head from my cock and looked at her and said “Sit on it and enjoy”

Jackie smiled at me before raising herself from Julie’s face. She then climbed up onto my lap before lowering herself down and taking my cock fully in one go. Her pussy was very wet and tight wrapping around my cock. As she started to ride my cock I noticed that tears were falling down her face.

“What’s the matter” I asked.

“I’m so happy, it’s been so long since having a man inside me” Jackie said. Jackie then leaned forward and kissed me sliding her tongue between my teeth and gave a passionate kiss. At the same time I felt a tongue on my balls which was Julie’s gently licking me. I ran my hands along the side of Jackie’s body up to her breasts and gently stroking them. Her nipples were very erect and I teased them gently with my finger. Jackie was slowly increasing her pace on my cock and starting to moan a little Julie continued her licking of my balls as well as stroking them and stroking up to my arsehole which she was stroking gently with a finger. I could feel my cock getting harder than it already was inside Jackie’s pussy who was starting to moan louder. Julie then started to push her finger into my arse as I was now squeezing Jackie’s breasts and scratching them. I then started to pull and twist Jackie’s nipples as she rode me and Julie fingered me now with two fingers in me. I knew I wasn’t going to last long with this. Jackie was now screaming loudly as I continued assaulting her nipples as she rode my cock hard she suddenly started to cum gushing her juices all over my cock and Julies face as she licked my balls and continued fingering my arse which then caused me to cum with Jackie. As Jackie’s orgasm subsided she raised herself off my cock and at the same time pulled Julie’s face off my balls as she grabbed her hair and pulled her into her pussy and forced her to lick. Jackie still holding Julie’s hair pushed her backwards till she was laying on the floor and still licking her pussy. Jackie continued to grind her pussy on Julie’s face as she twisted herself around so she was now facing down her body. Jackie then lowered herself down towards Julies pussy and then gently stroked over the top of her lips. Jackie looked up at me and said “She is soaking, this little slut”.

“Two sluts together, now enjoy your first sixty nine with a woman” I said.

With that Jackie lowered her mouth to Julies pussy and parted her lips with her fingers before sliding her tongue between those wet lips. At the same time Julie was still licking Jackie’s pussy and now had her hands on her arse and appeared to be working her fingers closer to Jackies little hole. As I watched this I was gently stroking my cock which was hard again. I noticed that Julie had started to stroke jackie’s arse hole. I Could see Jackie grinding harder Julie’s face at the same time as she was licking harder into Julie’s pussy. Julie then started to push a finger gently into Jackie’s arse. Jackie moaned loudly as Julie started to finger fuck Jackie’s arse, before sliding a second finger in her arse which sent Jackie over the top as screamed another orgasm and squirted over Julie’s face. Julie continued fingering Jackie causing her to continue with another orgasm. I slid off the settee and got between Julie’s thighs. I pulled Jackie’s head by her hair and slapped her face. She was now having multiple orgasms as Julie continued her tongue assault on her pussy and fingering her arse. Still holding Jackie up with one hand in her hair I then slid my throbbing cock into Julies soaking pussy. As I started to fuck Julie slowly I slapped Jackie across her face, causing her to moan and grind her pussy harder on Julie’s face. Julie continued her assault on Jackie’s arse hole who was having orgasm after orgasm. Both Jackie and Julie were submissive to me and I knew I could have a lot of fun with them and have them do anything I wished. I continued fucking Julie slowly increasing my pace and Julie responded by pushing her soaking pussy back onto my throbbing cock. Julie start to cum on my cock as I continued increasing my pace fucking her, as I continued slapping Jackie across the face and her large breasts. Jackie slumped forward towards me as she was exhausted by all the orgasms Julie had given her and she fell off of of Julie and laid on her back on the floor. I then focussed on fucking Julie harder raising her legs over my shoulders so I could penetrated her deeper as she continued cumming and screaming as she did so. I could feel my balls filling up before I cum hard inside her. I pulled out of Julie and sat back on the settee, then said to Jackie “Lick her clean, slut”.

With that Jackie rolled over and back onto her knees and slid between Julie’s still spread thighs. Jackie then lowered her head and started to lick Julies clit as she spread her pussy lips wide, before then sliding her tongue into Julies wet waiting pussy full of both Julie’s juices and my cum. Jackie seemed to be taking to her bi nature naturally. She was licking deep into Julie’s pussy hard and had raised Julies thighs over her shoulders. I was thinking who was going to dominate who between the both of them as the way they teased and played with each other kept swaying. I guess they would enjoying swapping positions between each other both knew they would submit to me.

Jackie twisted round above Julie and then lowered her pussy down onto Julie’s face and they then both enjoyed a sixty nine while I sat back on the settee and enjoyed watching them both together. They were both moaning as they pleasured each other. Jackie looked up at me and said “Is sir enjoying?”

“Sir is enjoying and want you both pleasuring me together” I said.

With that Jackie climbed off of Julie and crawled over to me followed by Julie. Both were kneeling on the floor near me.

“Get up here” I said to Jackie. “ You get between my legs and tease my balls” I said to Julie.

Jackie then climbed onto the settee next to me before taking my hard cock in her hand and she gently started stroking it. Julie in the meantime got between my legs and started to stroke my balls with her hands before gently licking them. Jackie then started to lick the head of my cock licking all around it an then licking my pee hole. The sensations both Jackie and Julie were giving me was bliss. Julie then took one of by balls into her mouth causing me to let out a little moan. At the same time Jackie was slowly working my cock and starting to take it into her mouth managing about half before letting it slide back out. Then taking it back in a little further before she gagged a little. Jackie continued doing this until she managed to take me all the way to my balls and keep my throbbing cock in her mouth. Julie and now managed to take both my balls in her mouth, so between them my cock and balls was fully in their mouths. Julie then started to insert a finger in my arse causing me to push my cock into Jackie’s throat. Jackie then started mouth fucking my cock and Julie finger fucked my arse. I was struggling to control what was happening and they had me cumming very quickly into Jackie’s mouth who swallowed all my cum. Even when I stopped cumming they continued their assault on my cock and I stayed hard. The sensation in my cock after I had cum as Jackie continued sucking and licking me was difficult to cope with along with Julie’s finger fucking. These girls were very much wanting to please me. Jackie then let my cock slide out of her mouth and she looked at me smiling said “Did sir enjoy that?”.

At the same time Julie slid her fingers out of my arse. I sat there knackered. Julie then raised up to Jackie and slid her fingers into Jackie’s mouth which she took willingly. Julie then said “Good girl, lets play a little, while he recovers”.

Jackie then climbed off the settee and down onto the floor. Both Jackie and Julie then embraced each other and kissed each other passionately. They continued kissing for a while before Julie broke the kiss and lowered her mouth to take Jackie’s right nipple into her mouth and gently licked and sucked while also teasing her other nipple with her fingers. Jackie moaned a little. Julie then then moved to lick Jackie’s left nipple at the same time her hand stroked down her body to Jackie’s smooth pussy. As Julie touch her pussy Jackie took a sharp intake of breath. I was watching Julie sliding a finger up and down between Jackie’s wet lips. Jackie was continually moaning to the pleasures Julie was giving her. Julie left Jackies nipple and now slowing kissed down Jackie’s body as she worked her way down to her pussy. Julie then slid her middle finger slowly into Jackie’s waiting pussy as she lowered her head and gently kissed around her clit. Jackie’s moaning was slowly increasing and getting a little louder. Julie started to slowly finger fuck Jackie and was now licking and gently sucking on Jackie’s clit. The pleasure was building in Jackie’s body as Julie continued with her gentle pleasuring. Jackie’s hand was stroking through Julie’s hair as the pleasures continued and Julie was not going to stop until she had satisfied Jackie fully. Jackie was moaning louder and louder and was now pushing her pussy to meet the fingering and licking that Julie was giving her. Suddenly Jackie froze and then then erupted screaming as her orgasm shot through her body and she started squirting over Julie’s hand and face. Julie continued the assault as Jackie now had orgasm after orgasm. I was sat on the settee enjoying the vie and gently stroking my throbbing cock. Slowly Jackie calmed down as the orgasms subsided and Julie slid her fingers out of her pussy and then looked up at me and said “ I think we have one satisfied slut”.

Jackie just laid on the floor totally spent. Julie the raised up from the floor and came and straddled my cock taking me in her soaking pussy in one go. She then leaned in and kissed me with her face still covered in Jackie’s pussy juice. I enjoyed tasting Jackie on Julie kissing her. Julie was already riding my cock quickly as she was turned on. I then scratched my nails over her tits and erect nipples which caused her to let out a loud moan and ride me harder. My nail marks were reddening her tits and it was turning Julie on and I was sensing her impending orgasm. I was now raking my nails all over Julie’s body as she rode harder and harder. She was now loaning loudly just as she had made Jackie do. Her body was reddening all over now then suddenly she orgasmed and had a little squirt but not as much as Jackie had. She slumped forward onto my chest and her arms wrapped around my neck. My cock was still embedded deep in her soaking pussy. Jackie was still laying on the floor but looking up as Julie and myself.

“Turn around and ride me the opposite way” I said to Julie.

With that Julie rose off of my cock and twisted around so her back was now to me and she again lowered herself back down on to my throbbing cock. Julie then started to raise and lower herself on my cock. As she continued to ride my cock slowly I told Jackie “Get up here”.

Jackie then rose from the floor and stood in front of myself and Julie. “Slap her face” I said to Jackie. She looked at me and I repeated “Slap her”. With that Jackie stepped forward a pace and then slapped Julie across the face, not very hard but caused Julie to take a deep breath in as she continued to ride my cock. Both women seemed turned on by this. “Slap her again, harder” I said with that Jackie slapped Julie’s face harder this time causing Julie to put her hand to her face as she pushed herself down on my cock. “Continue slapping her” I told Jackie. Jackie stepped closer, this time gripping Julie’s hair and then kissing her on hard on the slips before pulling away a little then slapping Julie much harder this time. Julie let out a scream as she was slapped. Jackie then slapped her again. I could feel Julie getting wetter on my cock each time Jackie slapped her and she was screaming louder each time. I could see that Jackie was now enjoying slapping Julie and my cock was now throbbing harder inside Julie’s pussy.

“Scratch her body” I told Jackie.

Again Jackie kissed Julie and as she did she started to rake her fingers over Julie’s breasts, slowly digging the nails in a little. Julie was fucking me harder as the pain started to grow in her body. Jackie then raked her nails hard down over Julies breasts and stomach which was close to breaking her skin. Julie screamed hard as the pain went through her and she orgasmed hard. Jackie then slapped Julie hard across her face causing to cum again. Jackie was engrossed now in giving Julie pain. I then shot my load into Julie’s pussy. I had not been turned on like this in a long time. I knew now that Jackie would be able to dominate her boss with my assistance. Julie then climbed off my cock and laid on the floor. Jackie then lowered herself down and face sitting on Julie and started to grind her pussy over Julie’s face. Julie started to lick Jackie’s pussy as Jackie lowered her face down to my cock taking it in her hand and slowly started to lick the tip of my now sensitive cock head. Jackie continued licking the head of my cock and gently stroking my balls. Gently Jackie continued sucking my cock gradually taking it deeper as she started to moan. Stroking my balls. Julie’s tongue was starting to have an affect on Jackie who was grinding her pussy harder on Julie’s pussy as she was getting closer to cumming. I gripped Jackie’s hair in my fist and took control of her sucking my cock and started to force her deeper down my cock and pushing it into her throat. She was moaning loudly now and Julie had now wrapped her arms around Jackie thighs to hold her still as she assaulted Jackie’s pussy. I was now pulling and pushing Jackie’s by her hair on my cock. She was gagging each time my cock sank deep into her throat. Julie was making sure she couldn’t escape from the assault she was giving Jackie’s pussy. Jackie was now screaming from the orgasm that was ripping through her body from Julie’s tongue and I was now holding her down on my cock causing her to choke on it. I then pulled her off my cock and slapped her hard across her face. I let go of her and she fell forward onto her hands on the floor as Julie still gripped her by her thighs. Julie relaxed her grip and Jackie slid off of her onto the floor. I told Julie to get up and had her sit straight down on my hard throbbing cock. “Make me cum and have my milk” I said to Julie. With that Julie started bouncing up and down on my cock and it only took a few thrusts into Julie’s soaking pussy before I shot my load into her. “Good girl, you deserved that” I said.

“Thank you, Sir” Julie said.

“Time for a drink, I think when you have both recovered” I said.

Jackie stirred looking exhausted from the assault she had received from Julie and myself. I looked at Julie and said “Best you make us all a drink.

With that Julie stood and went to the kitchen to make some drinks. I helped Jackie up onto the settee next to myself and gave her a cuddle. “Thank you” Jackie said.

Julie came back with a cup of coffee for each of us and sat on the other side of me. We were all worn out but well satisfied. Jackie then said “ I would enjoy repeating this many more times with you both”.

“Well I certainly would like a repeat and I know Trevor would and I would like you alone as well” Julie said.

Jackie smiled and said “I’d enjoy having you to myself sometime”.

“You can both have each other when you wish and you will both have me whenever I chose, which will be often” I said.

With that we drank our coffee before I got dressed and Julie put her coat back on over naked body. Julie and I gave Jackie a kiss and a quick feel before leaving and heading back to Julie’s. Once in the car I told Julie to text her sister to let her know we were on our way back home and to have a cuppa ready for us. Her sister text back and said “will be ready for you, hope we enjoyed yourselves”.

Julie then text “Yes we have and still in the mood for more”.

Shortly we arrived back at Julie’s and let ourselves in. Mandy, Julie’s sister, was sat in the chair watching TV. She asked if we had a good time and Julie said “Much better than expected”.

“Did you like watching us in the car” I asked.

Mandy went bright red and said quietly “Yes”.

I then said to Julie “Best take your coat off”.

Julie looked at me and she knew I meant it, She then unbuttoned the coat before sliding out of it and once again being naked except for her shoes.

“Oh my god” Mandy said “You went out naked like that?”

“Yes, went out naked, had sex with Trevor and another woman, and yes he was fingering me when you saw us in the car” Julie said.

“Sit here Julie” I said.

Julie sat next to me. I then started to kiss Julie and my hand went to her right breast and started gently teasing her sensitive nipple. Julie kissed me harder in response to the pleasure. My hand then slid down her body and between her legs. Mandy was staring at us, as I had expected her to. I slipped a finger into Julie’s pussy and slowly fingered her. I eased off the kiss and looked at Mandy and said “Undress”.

Mandy stared at me and I repeated “Undress”.

With that Mandy stood up, as she watched me continue to slide my finger into Julie’s wet pussy, who was moaning. She then raised her vest over her head to reveal her bra before unfastening it and letting it slide off her shoulders, down her arms and falling onto the floor. Mandy stood there topless looking at her sister as I continued fingering her.

“Do you fancy your sister?” I asked Julie.

She let out a moan. I pushed a second finger in her.

“You want to see her naked?” I asked.

Again Julie moaned. I looked at Mandy “Strip” I said.

With that Mandy pulled down her jeans and thong revealing her smooth pussy. She stood naked. “Touch yourself and watch your sister” I said.

I pulled my fingers out of Julie then stood up and walked over to Mandy. I raised my fingers to Mandy’s mouth and said “Lick”.

Mandy opened her mouth as I slipped in my cum covered fingers of her sister into her mouth. She licked both fingers clean.

“Get between your sisters thighs and lick her” I said.

Mandy moved over to her sister then dropped to her knees before slowly moving her face towards Julie’s wet pussy. Julie smiled at me as her sister made contact with her pussy. As Mandy began to lick her sister Julie teased her own erect nipples. As I watched I undressed myself. I gently stroked my erect cock as I moved to where Julie and Mandy were. Julie was moaning not for the first time this evening as Mandy licked her clit and slid a finger into her pussy. I knelt down behind Mandy and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. She wriggled the arse inviting me to enter her. With that I slid my cock straight into her wet pussy to the hilt, balls deep. She let out a loud groan into Julie’s pussy. I then started to fuck her with strong thrusts as I gripped her hair, holding her head firmly in her sisters pussy and slapped her arse. Mandy’s ass reddened all over as I continued spanking her as I fucked her. Both sisters were moaning, Mandy from my fucking her and Julie from Mandy licking her and seeing me fuck Mandy. I slipped my cock from Mandy’s pussy before then gently pushing my throbbing cock into her tight asshole. I looked at Julie, smiled and said “I’m taking her tight ass”.

That pushed Julie over the edge and she started cumming and moaning louder as Mandy Moaned as she licked Julie. I pushed my cock deep into Mandy’s tight ass, which was gripping my throbbing cock. As I fucked her I teased her clit with my fingers and it wasn’t long before Mandy came and I also shot my cum deep into her ass. I pulled out of Mandy and then sat on the seettee. Mandy flopped onto the floor. I said to Julie “Come and lick my cock”. Julie then came across to the settee and kneeled between my legs before taking my cock into her mouth, tasting both Mandy’s and mine juices. Mandy watched us as she rubbed her pussy. Julie lick my cock clean, then I said “You need to lick your sister clean”

Julie then turned and crawled over to her sister and went down on her pussy and started licking her juices. Mandy came very quickly. “Lick her ass clean” I said. Julie turned her sister onto her knees and then stuck her tongue straight into her ass hole, licking my cum out. I sat watching them till they had finished.

“Time I made tracks and went home” I said. I then got dressed, kissed both sisters and the left them to enjoy each other as I was sure they would do.

Once I was home it was gone midnight. I decided to see if Miss Jones was awake so text her using my other phone “Are you awake”. A short time later she replied “Yes”.

“Why you still awake at this time” I text.

“I could ask the same” She replied.

“You could, but you will answer the question” I text.

“I couldn’t sleep” She said.

I smiled at that and then text “Why can’t you sleep”.

“Things on my mind” She text.

“What things” I text.

“Nothing you need to know about” She text.

“I have you attention” I text.

“You think so do you” She text.

“You keep responding, even at this time. You are curious” I text.

“Maybe” She text.

“Maybe, means yes” I text.

“Then Yes” She text.

“You like control” I text.

“Yes” She text.

“Are you in control” I text.

“Maybe” She text.

“You think so” I text.

“Yes” She text.

“Well I don’t think you are” I text.

“Ok” She text.

“What are you wearing” I text.

“My work clothes” She text.

“And what would that be” I text.

“If you had seen me you would know” She text.

“You mean black skirt, white blouse and bra, black stockings” I text.

There was silence. “Am I right” I text.

“Yes. Who are you” She text.

“Still in control” I text.

Silence again. “I take that as a No” I text.

“Who are you” She text.

“If you continue you will find out as long as you do as told” I text.

“If I dont” She text.

“You stop texting and you will never know” I text.

“Ok” She text.

“You going to do as I tell you” I text.

“Ok” She text.

“Today you will wear same blouse and skirt” I text.

“ok” she text.

“Black bra” I text.

“Why” She text.

“I said so” I text.

“Pale stockings and a suspender belt” I text.

“Ok” She text.

“No panties” I text.

“If I don’t agree” She text.

“That’s your choice and we will see what you do. Goodnight.” I text.

I turned the phone off then went to sleep. I had a meeting that morning about my probation period and continued employment. I was looking forward to the meeting.

I awoke as normal and got myself ready for work having switched both phones on to see if I had any messages waiting for me. Both Jackie and Julie had texted saying they enjoyed themselves and wanted to repeat. I smiled and text Jackie to confirm my meeting with the headmistress and see if she could extend the period before the headmistresses next appointment. Jackie confirmed I was the only appointment so would be ok. I replied good. Then I text Julie saying a repeat would happen as would having her sister as well. I then checked the other phone that I had been using to text the headmistress.

I sent a text “Good morning”

She replied “ Good morning”.

“I hope you are dressed as instructed” I text.

“You can tell me if I have as you seem to be able to see” She text.

I switched that phone off and then headed to school to do my school crossing duties. It was much the usual routine as everyday. Jackie came to school at her normal time, she smiled and said she was aching. I smiled and said good. I told her I expected a cup of tea for my meeting. Jackie didn’t respond. A few minutes later I saw Julie approach with her sister and little boy. Nobody else was at the crossing. Julie said she was tired and sore. I smiled and said good. I asked Mandy how she was and she responded that she enjoyed what happened and wanted much more. I want to submit and be yours. I will see you later I said if you are at your sisters. Julie said she was a slut after you left. OK see you both later I hope. Just got some business to do first.

I finished my duties and put everything away, then made my way the headmistresses office. Jackie greeted me and said “I don’t think she is in a good mood”

“Thats ok, don’t forget the tea after I am in there” I said.

“She don’t like that without her offering” Jackie said.

“Just do it and make an excuse about thinking I’m thirsty” I said.

“Ok” Jackie said.

Miss Jones came out of her office “There you are Mr Smith. Please come in”.

I followed her into the office and took a seat in front of her desk. “Please call me Trevor, no need to be so formal”.

“I like things formal Mr Smith” She said.

“So I see. Showing your authority” I said.

As I looked at her Jackie entered the office with cups of tea as I’d asked her.

“I didn’t ask for tea Miss Taylor” said Miss Jones.

“I know but I thought Mr Smith would be thirsty after doing the crossing” Jackie said. Jackie then quickly left the office.

“That was very thoughtful of your secretary” I said.

“Mr Smith, we are here to discuss your employment not my staff” Miss Jones said.

As she sat back in her chair I noticed she had the black bra on under her blouse and I smiled.

“So I think your probation as been satisfactory” She said.

“Only satisfactory. As there been any complaints?” I asked.

“No” She said.

“Then I would say I have been good” I said.

“Mr Smith, It does not matter” She said.

“It does matter to me. I like think I am doing a good job” I Said.

“Mr Smith If you want the job then accept it as it is and please sign the forms for permanent employment” She said.

I signed the forms and Miss Jones then countersigned.

“Mr Smith that is you now permanently employed, which is better than the last two managed” She said.

“Thank you. Could I have a copy please. Maybe Jackie could do it while we chat” I said.

With that Miss Jones stood and walked round the desk to Jackie’s office. I watched as she past I then looked at her skirt and could see the suspenders under her skirt. I knew I had got to her now and waited her return. I had deliberately had not started my tea to delay leaving.

Miss Jones returned with a copy for me and gave it to me. “If there is nothing else” She said as she seated herself down.

“I was just admiring your bra” I said.

“Pardon Mr Smith” She said.

“You heard. I Said I was admiring your bra” I said.

“Mr Smith” She said.

“And your suspenders” I said. “I’m pleased you followed my instructions” I said.

“ I think” She said.

“It’s Ok, we are going to have a chat, you don’t have any more appointments. So why did you dress as I instructed you?” I asked.

“Oh my god. You” She said.

“Yes me” I said. “Let’s go sit on your comfy seats for a little chat”. With that I stood up and walked over the comfy seat and sat down. Miss Jones followed and sat opposite me and said “Why?”

“Why, what?” I asked.

“Why you doing this” She said.

“I’m doing nothing. It can end now and nobody needs know. I said “But I think you want this. You like control here but you are frustrated and have no outlet away from here”.

“What?” She said.

“You heard. Now what is your name” I asked.

“Amanda” She said.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yes” She said.

“Amanda I want you to sit up in the chair, open your legs a little and raise your skirt” I said.

Amanda stayed still for a moment then she adjusted her position in the chair sitting up and then parting her legs. She placed her hands on her skirt then said “please”.

“Raise the skirt so I can confirm” I said.

She then raised her skirt a little.

“More” I said.

She then raised it a little further exposing her naked thighs above her stockings. She looked at me and I raised my head so she knew I wanted further, which she did till her smooth pussy was exposed.

“Thank you” I said. “That was painless. Well done. Now I will leave you to carry out your duties. Ensure your phone is which on. Do you understand?”

“Yes she said.

“Yes what?” I said.

“Yes I understand” Amanda said.

“Good girl” I said. With that I stood up leave. I left her seated in her chair and walked out into Jackie’s office.

“Check she is Ok, she knows I am controlling her now” I said.

“Ok” Jackie said.

With that I left the office and Jackie went in to see Amanda was ok. I then made my way to Julie’s and was greeted by both Julie and Mandy in just their thongs.

“Did you get your business sorted” Julie asked.

“Yes I think it will all fall into place very soon” I said.

“What business?” Mandy asked.

“Me taking the headmistress” I said.

“Oh my god, really” Mandy said.

“Yes really. But lets worry about you two right night” I said.

“Come here” I said to Mandy.

Mandy walked across to me. I said “Across my lap little girl”.

Mandy laid over my thighs still with her thong on and her pert ass sticking up for my gaze. I gently stroked her ass cheeks before gently slapping them then stroking again. Julie was watching from across the room in her chair. I kept repeating what I was doing slowly increasing how hard I was slapping. I noticed Julie had let her hand slip between her legs and stroking over her thong.

“Your sister is enjoying watching us” I said to Mandy as I continued slapping harder.

Mandy moaned, as did Julie, as she slipped a finger in her pussy. I pulled Mandy’s hair hard jerking her head back and I spanked her hard at the same time Mandy’s ass cheeks were now reddening with the continued spanking I had given her. I then told Mandy to get on her hands and knees and face her sister. The I slid down behind her between her open legs. I looked directly at Julie who was still teasing and fingering her pussy, as I slid my cock all the way in Mandy’s pussy. I started fucking Mandy hard as I pulled her head back and slapped her face. Julie was moaning and fingering herself harder as she watched me fucking her sister. Mandy was screaming with pleasure and pain as I continued fucking and slapping her hard. I whispered in Mandy’s ear “Your sister wanted to watch me abuse you”.

I pulled my cock out of Mandy’s pussy and then started to penetrate her tight ass holes using her juices on my throbbing cock to help it slide in her. Mandy was screaming with the pain and pleasure of her hole being stretched. The tightness of her ass hole gripping my cock soon had me squirting cum deep in her ass as she screamed to another orgasm. I slid my cock out of Mandy and called Julie over. Keeping Mandy on her hands and knees I told Julie to lick me clean. Julie dropped to her knees and started licking my cock before sliding in deep in her mouth and taking both mine and Mandy’s juices. I could feel my cock starting to harden again, but needed to resist getting horny as I needed to leave shortly, so I pulled out of her mouth and instructed her to lick her sisters ass hole clean. Julie then got behind her sister and lowered her mouth over her ass and then slowly started to probe with her tongue and licking my cum out of her sisters ass hole. While watching them I was starting to get dressed. Julie was moaning again at the licking her sister was giving to her ass hole. I then noticed that Julie was also rubbing and teasing Mandy’s pussy. Mandy suddenly started to cum hard for her sister which pleased me and Julie continued the assault on her sisters pussy and ass hole. She continued until Mandy collasped on the floor totally exhausted.

“We are both yours now” Julie said.

“I never doubted I wouldnt take you both. Now I have to go and continue working on somebody else” I said.

“How is that going” Julie asked.

“Hopefully she will submit to me fully by the end of the day” I said smiling. “ Have to get going now to continue what Ive started already” I said as I continued dressing. “Look after your sister”.

I then left and text Jackie to see how her boss was doing. “She as stayed in her office and is being quiet” Jackie said.

I then text Amanda from my other phone to ask how she was.

“I’m working” Amanda text.

“Good. I expect nothing less from the headmistress.” I text.

“You have one hour to text a pic of you with blouse open showing bra” I text.

“I can’t” Amanda text.

“DO IT” I text.

Twenty minutes later Amanda text the pic as requested and included her face as well.

“Good. Now expose your breasts” I text. I was being polite to encourage her further. I few minutes later she text the pic as requested with her tits out and face included again.

“Well done. You will be rewarded” I text.

“How will I be rewarded” Amanda text.

“You will invite me to visit you tonight and you will remain dressed as you are” I text.

“And then what” Amanda text.

“You will find out when I arrive. Now I want your address and I will arrive at 7pm” I text.

“Why can’t you tell me now?” Amanda text.

“Address” I text.

A few minutes later Amanda text her address to me. I double checked with Jackie what her address was and confirmed it was correct.

“I will see you at 7pm, be ready to submit. Now focus on your work” I text.

“Yes Sir” Amanda text.

I smiled and relaxed after having a shower prior to doing my afternoon crossing patrol.

I did the crossing patrol as normal. Both Julie and her sister came to collect her son and both were smiling and arms linked together.

“You both look happy” I said.

“Maybe it’s got something to do with you” Julie said.

“Oh, really. Why might that be” I said smiling.

“Well we spent most of the day in bed and little sister is learning her place” Julie said.

Mandy smiled and said “She as used me all day”.

“That is good. I will be using you both as and when I choose” I said.

The girls continued on their way into the school. A short while later they came back and Julie said “You want to come round tonight”

“I have got other plans tonight” I said.

“Oh, anything interesting” Julie asked.

“Let’s say, my plan is progressing well” I said.

“Oh my god, you haven’t” Julie said.

“Ask me tomorrow and I’m sure the answer will be yes” I said.

“Ok, enjoy and look forward to hearing the juicy details” Julie said.

Then both Julie and Mandy headed off home. Later Jackie appeared as normal and asked “What are you doing?”

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“Amanda” Jackie said.

“I’m doing what I said I would do and also what you are wanting to happen” I said.

“She as been very quiet today” Jackie said.

“Thats Ok. I think she is just contemplating what is happening, but she as agreed to meet tonight” I said.

“Really?” Jackie said.

“Yes that is why I asked for her address to check she gave me the correct address” I said.

“You are devious” Jackie said.

“Maybe, but hopefully the plan will be going well tonight, then you will be able to enjoy her later” I said.

“Can’t wait” Jackie said.

“Won’t be long now for the fun to begin” I said.

“I better go so you can finish here and get ready for her. Enjoy yourself” Jackie said.

“I intend enjoying every minute of it” I said. “I will let you know how it goes”.

I then finished my crossing duties and then headed off home before getting ready to visit Amanda later. I drove to Amanda’s and arrived promptly at her nice detached home and parked my car on her driveway. I walked to the front door and as I was about to ring the bell the door opened.

“Come in” Amanda said.

I walked into the hallway and noticed that Amanda had on red lipstick which she didn’t normally wear at school and some makeup. She showed me into her living room and offered me a cup of tea. Amanda appeared to have prepared knowing I would arrive punctually. I sat in a chair before being offered and Amanda sat in the chair across the room from.

“How are you?” I asked her.

“Ok thanks” Amanda said.

“So we have discovered that the headmistress is submissive” I said.

“If you say so” Amanda said.

“Well what do you think” I asked.

“I don’t normally see myself as submissive” Amanda said.

“That is true as people have told me you like to dominate people” I said.

“Who said that” Amanda asked.

“Doesn’t matter who said” I said.

“I wish to know” Amanda said.

“In good time you may find out” I said. “But now we need to know if you are prepared to submit to me”.

“I have done as you asked so far” Amanda said.

“That is true and how as it made you feel?” I asked.

“Nervous, excited” Amanda said.

“How you feeling at the moment?” I asked.

“The same” She said.

I stood up and walked across the room the where she was seated and said “Stand”.

Amanda stood up in front of me. I then slipped off her jacket and let it fall on the floor. I could see she was breathing heavy as her breasts were rising and falling beneath her blouse.

“This is your final chance to stop anything happening” I said.

“Take me” Amanda said.

With that I put my hands on the collar of Amanda’s blouse and ripped the blouse open with the buttons flying off. I slapped her across the face. Amanda just stood in front of me and said “Thank you Sir”. I unclipped her bra and exposed her large breast and erect nipples.

“Knees” I said.

Amanda immediately dropped to her knees in front of me. I realised that she actually was a natural submissive and knew her position. I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my now erect cock. I pulled her head back my her hair and then shoved my cock straight into her waiting mouth. Amanda took me straight into her throat as I started fucking her mouth. I kept thrusting in and out as she gagged on my cock but seemed able to cope and was not resisting. Saliva was thick over my cock and dribbling down over Amanda’s chin and onto her large breasts. I kept on thrusting in and out of her throat until I sensed I was getting close to cumming but pulled out before I did. I then pulled her back to her feet by her hair.

“Skirt off bitch” I said.

“Yes Sir” Amanda said. She then put her arms behind her back and unclipped her skirt and pulled her zip down and let the skirt fall down her legs before she stepped out of the skirt leaving it on the floor. Amanda now stood in front of me naked except for stockings, supenders and heels. Her naked black body I admired, nice firm large breasts, large erect nipples, slim body and smooth pussy.

I stepped forward and gave her a hard kiss, which took her by surprise before I slapped her hard acoss the face.

“Thank you Sir” Amanda said.

“Sit down” I said.

“You are a natural submissive” I said.

“I am Sir, but cannot tell anybody because of my job” Amanda said.

“But I know now” I said.

“You do” She said.

“Does that worry you” I asked.

“Maybe, but not at this moment” She said.

“Why is that” I asked.

“Because I want to submit for a long time” Amanda said.

“This is not the first, is it” I asked.

“No Sir. But I have not submitted for several years and miss it. It frustrates me and so I become very dominant and demanding at work” Amanda said.

“Yes people have said that” I said.

“Doesn’t matter who” I said. “How did you feel when I text you” I asked.

“Curious if it was a prank or genuine and excited and hoped, but I did not expect you at all” Amanda said.

“And when you discovered it was me” I asked.

“Shocked to an extent, didn’t think you would risk your job knowing my reputation” Amanda said.

“Open you legs wide and stroke yourself” I told her.

Amanda spread her legs as wide as she could giving me a clear of her wet pussy. Then she lowered her hand and slid a finger over her pussy lips and slowly stroked. As she did this I used my phone and took a couple of photos of her totally exposed. Amanda continued stroking herself and let a finger slide into her pussy which I took a picture of.

“I could blackmail you now “ I said.

“I know” she said as she continued fingering her and slid in a second finger.

“Stop playing” I said.

Amanda stopped immediately. I text the photo to Jackie, Amanda could see I had sent a text but said nothing.

“Somebody will be admiring you now” I said.

“Yes Sir” She says.

“Turns you on” I ask.

“Yes Sir”.

Jackie texts backs “Very nice I want her”.

“Crawl here” I say.

Amanda then crawls across the room to me. “Lick my cock, I want them to see you pleasing me” I said. Amanda then takes my cock in her hand and starts to lick the head as I take a couple of pics. “Now in your mouth”. She takes the head in her mouth as I continue taking pics before sending them to Jackie. I then text Jackie and told her to phone me as Amanda continued sucking me. Couple of minutes later Jackie phoned and I asked if she liked what she saw, which caused Amanda to moan on my cock. I then told Jackie to talk to Amanda while she sucked me. I put the phone on speaker then said speak, she can hear you.

Jackie said “Hello Amanda” at which her eyes opened wide. I held Amanda’s head so she couldn’t move from my cock.

“Are you being a good girl” Jackie said. “Will be nice seeing you in work tomorrow”.

I then told Jackie we were off and disconnected the phone call. I then pulled Amanda off of my cock.

“You didn’t” Amanda said.

“I didn’t what” I asked.

“The pics” she said.

I smiled “This is her idea, she wants to dominate you for how you treat her”.

“Oh god, she is straight” Amanda said.

“Not any more” I said.

“Do you fancy Jackie” I asked.

“Never thought of her that way, just made her life difficult in the office because I could” Amanda said.

“Lets go upstairs now, lead the way” I said.

With that Amanda stood and then turned to exit the room and led the way upstairs to her bedroom. In the bedroom Amanda had her floggers and canes out in anticipation of me using them. Bend over the bed I told Amanda. She immediately laid across the bed feet of the floor and legs spread.

“You ready to be a white man’s slut” I asked as I took a cane in my hand.

“Yes sir” she immediately answered.

I raised my hand and they whipped the cane across her smooth brown ass hard. She whinced but said nothing. I repeated the strike again and immediately I could see two welts rising on her skin. I gave another four strikes as I knew they would be hurting her as she had not done this in some time. Amanda took the caning without complaint.

“Turn over and lay on your back” I said.

Again Amanda did as instructed and laid on her back and legs still hanging over the side of the bed so I had full access to her body. I then chose a flogger and started gently flogging her breasts, her nipples instantly erect. I could see her breasts rising from the pleasure of pain she was receiving. I suddenly whipped her smooth pussy hard, which caused her to let out a moan. I repeated this again with the same response. I decided I would flog her body all over from her breasts down to her thighs so I knew she would be going to work feeling a little tender. I increased how hard I was flogging her and I could see she was gripping the quilt as the pain increased across her breasts, stomach and thighs. Her pussy was shining from her juices. I then started to thrash her hard all over so I knew she would be sore especially on her thighs and pussy. I wanted her feeling the results when she was at work. I then attached nipple claps tightly on her nice erect nipples and the put the chain in between her teeth that attached the clamps together. This caused her to pull her nipples up. I then slid between Amanda’s thighs down on my knees. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and then used my tongue to taste her juices and tease her clit. While doing this I also ran my fingers down the back of her thighs causing my nails to scratch her skin. I continued the scratching all over her thighs now as I licked her pussy and clit. She was pushing her mound onto my tongue and could hear her moans starting to develop and increase. I was enjoying giving Amanda both pain and pleasure and I knew she was enjoying what was happening to herself as a true submissive that she was. Before she could orgasm I stopped the assault on her pussy. I raised myself up and climbed onto the bed.

“Now sit on my cock and ride me slut. Don’t cum until I allow you” I said.

Amanda nodded her head as she still had the chain between her teeth pulling on her nipples. I laid back on her bed as she straddled over my thighs and lowered herself down onto my erect cock which slid easily into her wet pussy. I could see the lust in her eyes as she started to slowly rise and fall on my cock. I then started to rake my fingers across her stomach with the same intention as I had with her thighs. Running my hands up to her breasts I unclipped the clamps which caused Amanda to let out a gasp as I undid each one as the blood recirculated back to each nipple. I knew they would be tender now. I ran my hands over her breasts and erect nipples and Amanda took an intake of breath as I touched the nipples which brought a smile to my face. Amanda continued riding my cock like a good submissive that she was.

“You love pain, don’t you” I asked.

“Yes sir” Amanda responded.

I then raked my fingers sharply over her stomach again causing her to breath in sharply again. I knew she was struggling both with the pain and riding my cock was bringing her close to orgasm. Amanda was trying to slow her pace down so she didn’t cum until I allowed her to. I then scratched her tits which caused her to moan loudly and started begging me to allow her to cum. I was closer to cumming myself but wanted her to struggle so she couldn’t stop herself. Her whole body must have been very sore by now but she remained with the task in hand. I then slid my finger onto her clit and started to tease her and push her over the edge before I also came. A few seconds later Amanda suddenly started screaming as her orgasm hit her and she was squirting over my throbbing cock deep inside her before I then shot my load into her soaking pussy.

“I’m sorry so” Amanda said.

“As this was your first time in a long time and you have impressed me with your submissiveness I will let you off this time. However any future failures will be punished” I said.

“Yes sir” She said.

“Lick me clean” I said.

Amanda then knelt between my legs and took my hard cock in her hands and started to lick my balls and thighs clean of both our juices. Then slowly licking up and down my cock tasting our juices as she did. Amanda was very diligent in her task and I was sensing that she was starting to worship my cock. Amanda was a true submissive. Even though I had just cum she was keeping my cock hard, which was good as I intended taking her anally. Amanda kept licking my cock all over before paying attention to the head of my cock with her tongue and stroking by balls gently with her fingers. Amanda then started to take my cock in her mouth slowly taking more into her mouth with each stroke until she was able to take me fully in her mouth and into her throat. She knew how to please me and I was very happy allowing the pleasuring to continue for a while. When I was ready I pulled Amanda off of my cock and turned her around so she had her back to me on her knees and I was between her legs. I slid my cock straight into her waiting pussy to nicely lubricate it and at the same time I insert my thumb into her ass hole, which took Amanda a little by surprise. I wanted to slowly open her hole, So I took my thumb out and then inserted a finger quickly followed by a second one. I was now fucking both her pussy and ass at the same time. Amanda was moaning with pleasure. I then slid my cock out of her pussy before sliding it gently into her tight ass, which she took comfortably. Once I was fully in I started to fuck her gently slowly building up the momentum and at the same time I started scratching her back so I had now covered most of her body and knew she would be fragile tomorrow. I then pulled up up by her hair arching her back as the fucking continued. I then gently kissed her on the mouth letting both our tongues roam each others mouths. I was now fucking her ass hard and she was moaning loudly. I slid a hand around her body to her wet pussy and stroked it gently before I pulled her clit between my finger and thumb, this caused her to get louder and then I squeezed her clit hard as I rode her ass. Suddenly Amanda when very still before she screamed with a massive orgasm which caused her to squirt all over her bed, this then caused me to cum in her ass. Amanda slumped forward onto the bed into her own juices. I picked up my cloths and said “Downstairs when you are ready”. I then went downstairs to await Amanda coming down.

When Amanda came downstairs I was dressed but Amanda was still naked and I could see her skin looked a little tender from where I had scratched most of her body.

“Thank you sir” Amanda said.

“What for” I asked.

“For what you have done to me” She said.

“You want more” I asked.

“Yes” She said.

“Go make us both a drink and we will talk” I said.

Amanda then went to the kitchen to make some tea for us both and she remained naked. Amanda returned with two mugs of tea and again sat in the chair opposite having giving me a mug. She was totally relaxed still being naked in my presence.

“I’m very relaxed thank you. Wish I had met somebody sooner I have so missed feeling this way” Amanda said.

“Glad I was able to help. I didn’t realise till today that you was submissive but was confident I was going to be able to dominate you” I said.

“Just like you did with Jackie” She asked.

“We both know she is submissive” I said.

“True. You want us both together” Amanda asked.

“Would it matter if I did” I asked

“She is attractive” She said.

“You every considered having her” I asked.

“She works for me so I couldn’t” She said.

“But you want to” I said.

“yes” Amanda said.

“Dom or sub to her” I asked.

“Dom her” Amanda said.

“She wants to Dom you” I said.

“We will see” Amanda said.

“So you do want her then” I said smiling.

“Yes sir” Amanda answered.

“Are you bi” I asked.

“No sir” She said.

I smiled “Looks like I will make you bi”

“Yes sir” She said.

I then text Amanda a picture of Jackie naked that I had. “What do you think” I asked.

“Very nice” She said.

“Message her and tell her what you think” I said.

“Just told her seen picture and like what I see” Amanda said.

“Good, let see how she responds” I said.

A few moments later Jackie text her. “What she said” I asked.

“You want to taste me” Amanda said.

“Do you want to taste her” I asked.

“Yes sir” She said.

“You want to be our black slut” I asked.

“Yes sir” Amanda said “Yes sir what” I asked

“I wan to be your slut” She said.

“Black slut” I said.

“Yes sir, black slut” Amanda said.

“Tell Jackie” I said.

Amanda then text Jackie telling her she was our slut. I then phoned Jackie and told her that they would both be at work minus any panties and they would both do whatever I told them. Jackie said she understood. I then told them that they could text each other for the rest of the evening but that they could not talk to each other.

I then left Amanda to text with Jackie and I headed off home with a smile on my face knowing that Amanda was a natural submissive just like Jackie and that I could have either of them dominate each other if I chose that as I could with Julie as well. When I got home I relaxed before texting Jackie to see how she was doing with Amanda texting.

Jackie said that she was enjoying the texting and that Amanda had said what had happened earlier with me. Jackie also said said that Amanda was still texting in the manner she was at work. I ask Jackie if she liked Amanda still in charge or was she still wanting to dominate Amanda.

“I don’t Know” Jackie text.

“Are you turned on by her” I asked.

I also text Amanda what was happening and she responded that she was enjoying tell Jackie what had happened and that she was teasing Jackie. I asked if she wanted to dominate or submit to Jackie. She responded dominate her.

“Get her to send you a pic in a way that you know she as just done” I text.

“Yes sir” She text.

Jackie confirmed she was turned on by Amanda.

“You want to submit” I asked.

“Oh god do I have to answer” Jackie text “She wants me topless with a something proving the time”

“Do it” I text.

“Yes sir” She text.

I text Amanda “She will submit to you”

“Sir Im straight but I want her” Amanda said.

“You will be bi very soon” I text.

“Yes sir, She just sent pic” Amanda said.

“Be gentle and enjoy and tell me everything that happens” I text.

“Yes sir, thank you” Amanda text.

I text Jackie “Enjoy yourselves and tell me everything”

“Yes sir” Jackie said.

I then retired to bed knowing that these two ladies were now going to be mine and also would become close to each other as well. I awoke to my phone bleeping with a text message which had come from Amanda and also text from Jackie both of which were not a surprise as I had told them to inform me. Amanda had sent a couple of pics with the texts one of Jackie with a peeled banana in her pussy and the next of her with the banana in her mouth. The read I enjoyed her doing that for me and it made me cum. I then read Jackie’s text showed similar pics of Amanda with a banana in her her pussy and mouth. She wrote I don’t know who dommed who but we both came hard.

I text them both the same message “I see you enjoyed each other. You will act normally at work but follow any instructions I give you. Tonight we will all meet at Amanda’s”.

The both replied “Yes sir”.

“I wish you an enjoyable day and be dressed as I told you”.

I then had breakfast and showered before getting ready for my crossing duties where I knew I would see Jackie and Julie. I then headed to school as normal and got ready for crossing duties. It wasn’t too long before Jackie approached with a smile on her face.

“I guess you are happy with yourself” Jackie said.

“Yes and it will be getting better. Check the diary as I want you both in her office when I finish here. Text me to let me know on” I said.

“What you got planned” Jackie asked.

“Getting you two better acquainted” I said.

“Really” Jackie said.

“Really” I said. “She hasn’t tasted pussy yet. So maybe you might get the upper hand”

“Stop it, you are turning me on” Jackie said.

“Get in there, and stay wet and don’t tell I will be in shortly” I said.

“Yes sir” Jackie said as she entered the school.

Shortly after Jackie had gone into school I saw Julie approaching and she asked “How are you”.

“I’m good thanks, just progressing my plan along, so it won’t be long before you can enjoy” I said.

“What’s happened” Julie asked.

“Well Amanda as submitted to me and shortly she will be submitted to Jackie, then hopefully yourself as well” I said.

“Oh god, I can’t wait and sis wants to join in as well, she is a real slut” Julie said.

“Well, it will be smiles all round then” I said. “Probably by the weekend you will be enjoying her”

“Oh shit. I best get some toys sorted” Julie said.

“Yes you had, like strap on etc” I said.

“Definitely. I want to domme like yourself” Julie said.

“Do as I say and it’s a good possibility. I said. You best get him in school or you will be in trouble” I said.

With that Julie then carried on her way. A few minutes later I was about to finish my duties when a lady in her forties came rushing to the crossing. “Gosh I slept in today and he will get in trouble for being late” She said.

“Well tell the truth and he shouldn’t get in trouble they will tell you off instead” I said.

“No, he can take it I’m always rushing after him” she said.

“You should take responsibility for your actions” I said.

“Who the hell do you think you are” She said.

“I’m just the crossing patrol as far as you are concerned, so I’m nobody to you” I said.

With that she did not respond but carried on on her way. I did not worry about the woman I had more things on my mind. I finished my duties and put my things away before heading down to the Headmistresses office. Jackie was at her desk and smiled when I walked in.

“She is just speaking with a parent” Jackie said.

“That is ok. How long is the diary free for” I asked her.

“About an hour” Jackie said.

“That is more than enough” I said. “Who is in there” I asked.

“One of the mother’s who’s son is always late” Jackie said.

Just then the office door opened and the lady I had spoken with came out with the headmistress.

“I will ensure he doesn’t sleep in again headmistress and thank you for understanding” She said.

“Don’t worry about it I understand your situation” Amanda said to her.

The lady then saw me in the office and then averted her vision from me and headed out of the office.

“Sorry about that, she is on the PTA, so have to tread carefully” Amanda said.

“You mean a stuck up bitch who slept in” I said.

“Really” Amanda said. “How do you know”.

“She told me but didn’t like my response” I said.

“Ok. I will sort her out. Jackie says you want to chat with us both” She said.

“Yes, behind closed doors as don’t want disturbing” I said.

“Jackie, lock the door” Amanda said.

Jackie then stood and locked her office door so we would not be disturbed. We all then went in Amanda’s office.

“Amanda how do you feel about last night” I asked.

“Excited, enjoyed and want more” She answered.

“Want more” I asked.

“Yes sir I enjoyed what we did” Amanda said.

“Good. Get on your knees and crawl over to me” I said.

Amanda lowered herself to her knees and crawled over to me. “Good girl” I said.

I looked at Jackie and said “ You, get in front of her desk, rest your ass on the desk and spread your legs”.

Jackie then walked over to Amanda’s desk, turned around and rested her ass on the desk legs spread and feet on the floor as instructed. I then bent down and raised Amanda’s skirt up over her hips and revealing her nice naked ass.

“Crawl over to Jackie slut” I said.

Amanda then crawled across her office to where Jackie stood in front of her desk. I could see that Jackie’s breathing had increased and her chest was rising and falling in anticipation of what might be about to happen. I then walked across to where both women were in front of the desk. I knelt down next to Amanda and said. “You want to submit”

“Yes sir” She said.

I then ran my hand over her exposed ass and she pulled slightly away from my hand as she was still tender from the previous night. I slid a finger between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy. Amanda breathed in sharply as my finger slid in her pussy. I looked up at Jackie and said “She is wet just like you”.

“Now time for you first taste of pussy headmistress” I said. “Raise your secretary’s skirt and then enjoy”.

Amanda then looked up at Jackie “Do it slut” Jackie said.

Amanda then raised herself up putting her hands on Jackie’s thighs and start to slide her skirt up revealing her stocking tops and suspenders and finally her smooth pussy. Jackie then placed a hand on Amanda’s hair, gripped it and helped pull her up to her waiting pussy. Jackie then pushed Amanda’s face between her spread thighs and directly onto her waiting pussy. Amanda then started to lick Jackie before wrapping her arms around her thighs. Jackie kept a firm grip on Amanda’s hair. Jackie started to moan a little “Good slut” She said.

I then got behind Amanda between her legs. I then lowered my trousers and took my throbbing cock and pushed straight into Amanda’s very wet pussy. This caused Amanda to breath in sharply as Jackie held onto Amanda’s hair. Both women were now moaning as they both neared orgasm. I kept pounding Amanda hard and started spanking her already tender ass cheeks. Amanda came very quickly after that which then triggered Jackie into cumming over Amanda’s face. A few minutes later I came hard in Amanda. I slid out of Amanda then looked at Jackie and said “Down here now. Lick me clean”. Jackie then fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and lick me clean. Amanda had remained in her position. “Now lick her clean” I said.

Jackie then got behind Amanda and started licking her clean taking both our juices in her mouth and at the same time getting Amanda excited again. As Jackie licked Amanda’s pussy clean I adjusted my trousers and got dressed the said “That will do she is clean”.

“But I have not made her cum” Jackie said.

“Good. You will later when I say so. She is more submissive than you know and she accepts what is happening. Don’t you” I said.

“Yes sir” Amanda said.

“Now both of you get up and dressed properly before people get suspicious about the office being closed” I said.

“Tonight we will becoming to yours Amanda” I said.

“Yes sir” Amanda said as Jackie smiled at me.

“Now you will both continue work as normal. I will let you both know arrangements for tonight” I said.

They both said “Yes sir”.

I then let myself out of Jackie’s office while they sorted themselves out. I decided I would go home and relax for the day and think about a general plan for the evening.


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